6 Healthy Nuts And Seeds For Summer Snacking

With the onset of summer, we see so many different fruits and vegetables in the market. In India, nimbu paani and kulfi carts are a common sight. While there is a lot that could be welcomed with open arms, there is something odd which affects our diet. It happens with a most people that they just don’t feel like munching on too much food as most of us survive on chilled beverages. But how can we let a season affect our diet? 

An inadequate diet can affect the body in so many ways. Right from dehydration to weakness, from dull skin to dandruff, from poor digestion to body ache, there is a lot you can suffer from if you don’t have a healthy diet. And you know what? You don’t need to have a lengthy routine. All you need to do is some healthy snacking. We have brought a list of six seeds and nuts that are easily available and could make for a perfect healthy snack. But, why nuts and seeds? It is essential to have nutrient-dense food. Thus, nuts and seeds are perfect.  Have a look! 

Green Raisins 

If you are the one who feels really down during summers, green raisins are for you. Known to be great energy boosters, green raisins have high nutritional value. When soaked overnight, their nutritional value increases, and they work like magic when it comes to making gut healthy.  

Chia Seeds 

Did you know that summer heat can actually slow down the metabolism and have bad effects on the digestion process? But you can get rid of this issue by including chia seeds in your diet. Chia seeds could be the cooling aid for summer and are also rich in vitamins, fiber, proteins and so many minerals. These could be used in drinks, salads and what not! 


Yes, you read that right! When soaked in water overnight, almonds could become a perfect healthy snacking option. Almonds are power packed with so many minerals and nutrients. One can have soaked almonds raw or even in desserts as well as drinks.  


When it is summer, it is totally fair to have some seasonal fruits and berries. If you are looking for the best summer berry, try blueberries. Dried blueberries are power packed with health benefits and is tasty too. Dried blueberries are good for skin, good for heart and even boosts metabolism.  

Flax Seeds 

Do you also feel like your hair quality degrades during summer? Try including flax seeds in your diet. Flax seeds are a great source of vitamin E and promotes healthy skin and hair. It can help you in getting rid of clogged pores and dandruff. Isn’t it amazing? 

Pumpkin Seeds 

You may not know but pumpkin seeds could be a great healthy snack. Not just pumpkin seeds are healthy but quite a versatile ingredient. It could be used in soups and salads but for summer, it is advised to have pumpkin seeds in roasted form. 

Try these nuts and seeds and let us know if they helped!