6 Health Benefits of Mosambi Juice And Ingredients To Add In It
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Mosambi is a citrus fruit that is very popular in India for extracting juice. Both sweet lime and sweet lemons are native to India. Sweet lemons are majorly grown and sold in Meghalaya, whereas sweet lime is majorly grown in states like Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, and many parts of Uttarakhand. 

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Many people like to have mosambi by simply cutting it into triangular pieces and sprinkling some chaat masala on the top. Just like carrot and beetroot juice in winter, mosambi juice in summer is a must-have for Indian people. Not only does it instantly quench the thirst, but it is also very hydrating and refreshing for the body. Here are some top health benefits of drinking mosambi juice in summer.

* Vitamin C

Sweet lime is a very rich source of vitamin C, which is very good for the body and plays an important role in improving the quality of skin and hair as well. In a research published by the Biochemical Journal in 1933, it has been stated that citrus fruits like sweet, lime, oranges, lemons, and many more such fruits are a great source of vitamin C and ascorbic acid. These can help improve the immune system of the body and also help fight against alien components in the body. Drinking a glass of mosambi juice can fulfil one's regular intake of vitamin C

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* Detoxification 

Mosambi juice is also a great source of detoxification for the body. It is the perfect juice to have in the morning as it can help neutralise harmful pollutants or the impact of stress on the body. Since it's very fresh, having it as the first thing in the morning adds a boost of energy to the body. One can have a glass of sweet lime juice by mixing some mint leaves, sugar or jaggery for a little bit of sweetness and any other seasonal fruit that they would like to add. This juice is also quite easy to make, so one can make it regularly at home.

* Immunity 

As stated above, sweet lime is a great source of vitamin C. Along with vitamin C, it is also enriched with other antioxidants. As per a study published in the journal Antioxidants in 2022, citrus fruits are a great source of various bioactive compounds. The high level of antioxidant activity in the body, such as various flavonoids, can help in curing the problems related to oxidative stress, tackle obesity and neurodegenerative diseases, and fight against inflammatory diseases. Having a glass of this juice regularly can make a significant impact on the system.

* Treat Common Cold

If one wants to treat common cold and viral problems, then having a glass of this juice is going to be extremely beneficial. Mosambi juice is loaded with vitamin C and a lot of other important antioxidants and vitamins. It can help strengthen the immune system of the body and make it highly resistant to catching seasonal health-related problems. If one has already caught a cold, then having a glass of this juice can help calm down the symptoms.

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* Great For Digestion

Mosambi juice is also great for digestion, as sweet lime is extremely fibrous. It promotes better bowel movement and prevents problems like constipation. If one is suffering from the problem of infrequent stools, constipation, bloating and indigestion, then trying a glass of this juice can be a great idea, especially during the summer. It can also help alleviate the problem of inflammation in the stomach that might be causing digestive discomfort.

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* Hydrating 

Mosambi juice is made from the sweet line, which naturally makes it a very hydrating fruit. Making juice from mosambi is not just a great way of including different types of vitamins and antioxidants in one's diet but also remaining hydrated throughout the day. One can also try having this juice after a rigorous workout to get rid of dehydration and sore muscles. Being rich in different types of flavonoids and carotenoids, it can help stabilise the flow of blood in the body and promote the well-being of the muscles and the bones.

What To Pair Mosambi Juice With

Although mosambi juice is pretty healthy on its own, it can be combined with different types of ingredients to make it even healthier. One can incorporate Indian gooseberry, mint leaves, coriander leaves, and some jaggery powder to even make the juice healthier. Most people like to add sugar syrup to sweeten the juice, but adding jaggery powder is a healthier way to make the juice sweet and tasty. Other ingredients stated above have their subjective health benefits that are going to make the juice healthier