6 Health Benefits Of Eating Ridge Gourd During Summer Months
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Ridge gourd is a vegetable that is very rich in dietary fibre and is often advised by doctors to people who are trying to control their portions. As the vegetable takes longer to get fully absorbed in the body, a person remains full for a pretty long time. Other than this, the vegetable is also considered great for being consumed in summer as it is rich in different types of vitamins and minerals. 

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Ridge gourd is known by different names in various regions of India. In the northern part of India, it is famously called Turai, in West Bengal, people like to call it jhinge, in Andhra Pradesh, people like to call it beerakaya and likewise, it has a lot of other regional names. The flesh of this vegetable is used to make different types of sabzis and raitas. Being low in calories and having a considerable water content, ridge gourd is a summer-friendly vegetable. Here are some of the top health benefits of having this vegetable in the summer. 

* Vitamins

As per a report published in the journal Scientific Reports in 2023, Ridge gourd is a powerhouse of vitamin C and a lot of other vital amino acids. It is also very rich in thiamine which helps in reducing inflammation in the body. In summer, the body is more susceptible to getting inflamed because of frequent temperature changes and dehydration. A great way to naturally avoid such stomach-related issues is to consume vegetables like ridge gourd which can help in preventing stomach discomfort like inflammation. 

* Hydration

The high water content present in ridge gourds helps in restoring hydration levels in the body. During summer when the temperature is high, the only way to keep the body healthy and prevent excessive dehydration is not just to drink a lot of water but also incorporate hydrating vegetables and fruits in one's diet. Ridge gourd is not just naturally hydrating but also very light as a vegetable. The high amount of fibre makes one feel full even after eating a small portion of food and also at the same time keeps the stomach light throughout the day. 

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* Nutritionally Dense

Ridge gourd has a spectacular nutritional profile. As per the journal Scientific Reports published in 2023, ridge gourd is rich in niacin, riboflavin, protein, glycine, phytin and many such important compounds that are beneficial for the body. The presence of peptides and charantin can help in decreasing the high blood sugar levels and the urine sugar levels in the body. It is important to remember that eating ridge gourd is not a cure for the problem of high sugar levels in the body. It can help in simply stabilising sugar hikes or preventing the spike of sugar in the body.

* Great For Excretory System

Ridge gourd is healthy for the excretory system because it is fibrous and it can also help in aiding digestion. If one is suffering from the problem of irregularity of stools they can try to have some ridge gourd as it may alleviate the problem. The presence of water in the vegetable can also help in reducing the body heat and naturally detoxifying the body. This further helps in blood purification and keeping the body healthy.

* Skin And Hair

As stated above, ridge gourd is a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, phenolic compounds, and water content, it is pretty obvious that the vegetable is healthy for skin and hair. The vegetable acts like a natural detoxifier in the body by purifying blood and extracting unwanted particles from the body. This helps in clearing the skin and making the quality of the hair better. Also since the vegetable is naturally hydrating, the skin feels more plump and replenished.

* Weight Loss

Ridge gourd is a rich source of dietary fibre and that makes it great for a person who is trying to lose some weight. Any fruit or vegetable that is rich in fibre makes a person feel full easily. The vegetable is a blessing for someone who's trying to control their portions and eradicate unnecessary calories from their everyday diet. Being a great source of hydration and vitamins, it is also a healthy way of staying fit.

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* Use of Ridge Gourd

One of the easiest ways to include this vegetable in one's diet is to make a fresh raita by using a ridge gourd. In summer, anyway, most people are reluctant to eat hot dishes. This is a refreshing and flavourful dish made from yoghurt and a little bit of salt. One has to simply take some oil in a pan and add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. In this mixture, one may add some urad dal and hing. Once everything is roasted properly, the person may add some curry leaves and dehydrated red chillies and sautée everything for a few minutes. In a bowl simultaneously, one must add some grated ridge gourd in yoghurt and add the seasoning on the top.