7 Unique And Tasty Halwas You Didn’t Know About
Image Credit: Beetroot Halwa

Be it sooji ka halwa or gajar ka halwa, we Indians have grown up eating these delicacies. Whenever I feel hungry and crave something, my mother hands me a bowl of sooji ka halwa and gajar ka halwa (in winter). This halwa is enough to satisfy my taste buds and my soul. We all have a deep-rooted connection with it and know it as a hero, right? But we didn’t realize that the halwa's repertoire doesn’t end here. There are some halwa varieties you might not know about. Have a look! 

Beetroot Halwa 

Not just used in salads and juices but beetroots are also used for making lip-smacking halwas. This bright red-coloured halwa is a decadent dessert with a unique aroma and crunch of dry fruits. Next time when you have beetroots in your fridge, try having this halwa! 

Pyaaz Halwa  

Whenever we think of halwa varieties, pyaaz halwa or onion halwa is something we could never have thought of. In this weird yet unique halwa, the onions are caramelized with milk and cashews. This halwa is perfect for those who love adventure and are fond of trying new flavours.  

                                             Image credits: Youtube

Papaya Halwa 

We always knew that papayas are packed with health benefits but many of us didn’t know that it makes a delicious halwa. Papaya halwa is a common delicacy in South Indian homes and is made with desi ghee. It has dry fruits and other spices, which makes it aromatic and absolutely lip-smacking. 

Ghost Ka Halwa 

Attention all the non-vegetarians, there is a hatke halwa for you. This halwa is associated with UP’s Rampur and is made with minced meat, ghee, saffron, and cardamon. For this halwa, meat is boiled several times to get rid of the smell. Though it takes a little time, trying this halwa is worth it.  

                                                     Image credits: scroll.in

Watermelon Halwa 

After papaya, this is another fruity halwa that you must try. This halwa is not made with red pulp but with the white rind of the watermelon. Watermelon’s white rind is cooked with full-fat milk and chopped nuts. Who had thought of making such a good dessert with a part that is often considered useless? 

Tomato Halwa 

Don’t get shocked, this halwa does exist. Cooked commonly in the Tamil Muslim kitchens, this is a famous delicacy at the time of Ramadan. Made with milk, butter, and fresh tomatoes, this halwa has jaggery and tastes different but great.  

Green Chickpea Halwa 

Green Chickpea halwa or hara chana is a delight famous in Northern and Western parts of India in winters. The hara chana is ground into a paste and cooked with milk, ghee, and dry fruits. Nobody will say no to eating this type of green right? 

                                                 Image credits: youtube

You may have heard of Lauki ka halwa or mirchi ka halwa, but the halwas listed above are pretty unique and many people didn’t know that they existed. So, next time, if you are looking for more adventure, try these halwas and have the best experience. Also, let us know any other weird halwa variety you have encountered with.