6 Hacks To Add A New Twist To The Classic Margarita

The cocktail industry is chalk full of interesting and creative mixes and concoctions, such as the martini, the margarita, and the Moscow mule, to name a few. Among these, the margarita is perhaps the most popular. Characterised by its distinctive tier-shaped glass, this cocktail infuses three drinks, namely tequila, orange liquer, and lime juice, to produce one powerful drink that always pack a punch. Believed to have originated in Mexico, the margarita today is beloved and treasured all over the world. In fact, many regions add their own unique twist to the drink.

In this way, the margarita, like other iconic food and drink items, is constantly being experimented on. Although many regard this cocktail as perfect, food and drink connoisseurs are constantly striving to take it up another notch, reaching for the culinary divinity that lies beyond even perfection. Over the years, they have come up with several smart hacks to ensure that the classic margarita always remains in demand and never goes stale. Take a look at some of these hacks.

Reimagine the Salt Line

Every margarita lover knows that the legendary salt rim is an intrinsic part of the margarita. More than a mere accessory, the thickness and style of the salt rim can really affect the visual appeal of the drink by arousing the drinker’s senses in numerous ways. These days, bartenders have begun experimenting with this salt rim by going for smoked or infused salt that endows a tinge of refreshing pungency to the traditional margarita experience.

“Fruiten” Up Your Drink

Fresh fruits go a long way in enhancing the taste profile of a plethora of food items, be it desserts or cocktails. Several fruits, including watermelon pieces, strawberries, and mango are known to mix well with the classic margarita. It is recommended that one adds their preferred fruit to the shaker before shaking the cocktail, so that the juices of the fruit can meld seamlessly with the spirits present in the drink.

Spicen Up Your Drink

Like fruits, spices too, go a long way in elevating the flavour of a given food or drink. As the margarita hails from Mexico, a country that is particularly noteworthy for its spicy cuisine, it is only apt that spices be used to innovate the Mexican margarita too. Spices that tend to blend well with margarita include cayenne pepper, jalapeño, and Thai chilli. To get the maximum taste out of the peppers, to cut them thinly and discard the seeds before adding them to the shaker.

“Herbify” Your Drink

Herbs are a fixture in numerous timeless cocktails and for good reason. It is difficult to go wrong with the classic herbs, including rosemary, mint, thyme, and basil, as they imbue cocktails with a strong hint of flavour and freshness. What’s more, these herbs are proven to work well with both classic as well as fruit margaritas. The herbs can be crushed together and sprinkled into the drink or their leaves can be introduced on top of the drink to impart a stronger hit of the given herb.

Freeze Your Drink

Are you a fan of frozen drinks, such as Coke Float? Well, it is possible to have a frozen version of the classic margarita too! All one has to do is mix all the requisite ingredients, such as fruits, herbs, and spices, as well as half a cup of ice in a blender. Continue pulsing this mixture till becomes smooth and wrinkle-free, and just like that, your very own frozen margarita is ready to enjoy. This version of the margarita is a summertime favourite and is widely used in pool parties.

Infuse the Tequila in Your Drink

Regardless of the brand or quality of the tequila used, you can heighten its taste by infusing the alcohol before introducing it in the cocktail. To get the best results, keep the tequila infused for about a week; during this period, ensure to shake the mason jar that holds the infusion of the tequila plus the other ingredients of the cocktail, including fruits, herbs, and so on, once a day.