6 Grape Varieties You Didn't Know About

Among the discussion of most loved seasonal fruits, grapes definitely make their appearance. Grapes are actually berries that are sweet, refreshing and extremely healthy. Be it the red grapes, black grapes or green grapes, they all are power packed with ample health benefits. Did you know that grapes are loaded with essential nutrients as well as antioxidants? Not just grapes can keep a check on body's cholesterol levels but can also normalize the blood pressure. Did you know this? 

You may be shocked, but grapes aren’t just black or green or red, but they come in so many shades and plenty of varieties. There is not just one but many varieties of grape that we didn’t know actually existed. So, let us gain some knowledge and know about 6 different types of grapes. If you are a grape lover, this is something you are going to enjoy. Have a look! 

Video credits: Sandhya The Chef/Youtube

Black Corinth  

Also known as champagne grapes, you should not confuse this with champagne as it is just the name and nothing else. These grapes are round, small and do not contain any seeds. It comes in red and white varieties and is most commonly used for drying. If some experts are to be believed, the word ‘champagne’ comes from a photoshoot where these grapes were shown next to a champagne flute.  

Moon Drop 

Also known as Witch’s Finger grapes, these grapes are long and of dark purple colour. These grapes were prominently created through plant breeding. Moon drop grapes have a unique shape and have a snappy texture. They have jelly like sweetness and could last much longer in the refrigerator as compared to other grape varieties. These could be easily available in the market.  

Concord Grapes 

If you have tasted authentic purple grape juice, you know what concord grapes taste like. These are bright with a sugary and stocky backbone. With a large seed, it might be hard to eat them, but they are delicious. Concord grapes are usually used in making jams, pies, juices as well as candies. They are also used to make Kosher wine. 

Sultana Grapes 

It is one of the oldest grape varieties and also referred to as Thompson Seedless. These grape varieties are of green-white colour and are oval shaped. Because of their sweetness, these grapes are converted into white raisins and are one of the most popular grape types sold in the market.  

Valiant Grapes 

Valiant grapes generally come in blue-purple colour and could be eaten whole despite seed in it. These grapes have sweet and tangy flavour quite similar to concord grapes. Known for their juicy and jelly like texture, these grapes make for a perfect ingredient in baked goods. 


Originating from Japan, these are called ‘Kyoho’ which loosely means a giant mountain grape. These grapes have reportedly got their name from Mount Fuji. Mostly dark, these grapes are not easily available in the market. These have thick skin with juicy and sweet flesh. 

So, how many of these grape varieties did you know about?