6 Ginger Cocktails To Spice Up The Summer

With the onset of summer, we all get excited to have some soothing summery cocktails. From cucumber to mint, there are many ingredients that make for some perfect cocktails that can soothe and cool you down. Have you ever thought of putting ginger in a cocktail? Yes, this versatile ingredient can add the perfect spice and zing to your boring cocktails and make them more interesting. 

We all know how beneficial ginger is for health. It is being used as a traditional medicine. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as cures upset stomach. It will not just add up to the taste but nutritional value of the cocktail. So, to spice up your summers, why don’t you try these ginger cocktails and have fun? 

Ginger Lemon Cocktail 

This refreshing and zesty cocktail is soothing and fits into every occasion. It has the perfect balance of spicy, sour and sweet. Fizzy ginger beer with lemon gives a spicy, crisp and vibrant taste. Ever tried this cocktail before? 

Cucumber Ginger Gin Cocktail 

What could be better than cucumber and ginger in summer? All you need to have is gin, cucumber cubes, grated ginger and sugar to make this soothing and refreshing cocktail. This drink could be perfect for beachy dates and spa days! 

Ginger Martini 

This cocktail is a refreshing and relaxing twist to the regular vodka martini. While the ginger syrup adds the spicy and bold flavour to the drink, lemon juice adds the tangy taste and vodka adds up to the pleasant finish. 

Whiskey Lemon Cocktail 

This perfect blend of lemon, bourban whiskey and ginger could be a perfect cocktail for your parties. When a simple rosemary syrup is added to the cocktail, it can become sweet as well as tarty. And those who love ginger, won’t be able to refuse this cocktail. 

Ginger Mojito 

What could be better than a glass of chilled mojito? This mojito is special because it has ginger syrup which gives it a vibrant and bold flavour. With mint leaves, spicy grapefruit vodka, club soda and ginger simple syrup, this cocktail could be perfect for your summer parties and is worth a try! 

Ginger Blackberry Margarita 

If you have black berries in your fridge, why don’t you transform them into a bright and refreshing cocktail? And with added ginger, this cocktail can get spicy and bold. This dark and vivid coloured cocktail looks pretty and tastes delicious. 

Make these cocktails at home and let us know which one you liked the most!