6 Fun Foods To Beat The Monday Blues
Image Credit: Pexels

After spending a wholesome Saturday sleeping in and partying with your favourite cocktails and food on Sunday, resuming your regular life on Monday can make you feel a bit sad. Monday blues are very common for adults who work for nine to ten hours on weekdays and try to live life to their fullest on weekends.

If you feel that this Monday is making you feel like you want to go back to the colourful plate and disco lights, why don’t you do so? By making some fun foods, you can get rid of the Monday blues and still carry on with work in style. Read on and explore some feel-good foods that will not only add some colour to your plate but will also uplift your mood with their unmatched taste.

Rainbow Cake

Starting with something sweet to get your dopamine juices running, you can eat a slice or two of a rainbow cake. 

Featuring layers of colourful soft cake, it will surely be like a haven. You can make a rainbow by preparing a regular vanilla cake batter and adding natural food colours to equal proportions of cake. Bake each portion separately and stack each coloured layer on top of each other with the help of whipped cream. You can even decorate the beautiful cake with sprinkles or candies to make the most of a boring Monday.

Banana Waffles

Who said waffles are just for an elegant breakfast in bed? While the look of freshly prepared fluffy will bring a smile to your face, the bananas on the top will give you an energy boost to survive Monday. 

To make banana waffles, mash and mix a banana in the waffle batter with the usual ingredients like flour, sugar, vanilla essence, butter, etc. Let the waffle maker do its job, and then add some whipped cream and chopped banana slices. Take spoonfuls and have fun!

DIY Sundae Bar

If you live with your friends or a partner who’s with you in your Monday blues, prepping a DIY sundae bar will probably be the best idea. Just nicely put two bowls of vanilla and chocolate ice cream on a table and line up some empty containers. Fill up the containers with your favourite toppings like dried fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, caramel bits, whipped cream, and the list can go on. Make your own sundae with your friends and add a twist to your Monday.

Loaded Nachos

In case you want something to munch in between your never-ending meetings, you can try making a bowl of loaded cheesy nachos. It wouldn’t take up much of your busy time. All you need to do is open a bag of nachos and mix the chips with chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumber, jalapenos, and cream. Then add a layer of grated mozzarella cheese, bake for about ten minutes, and munch on.

Fruit Popsicles

Adding some colourful icy popsicles can turn your Monday blues into a fun-filled day. Without spending hours in the kitchen, you can make fruit purees with summer fruits like mangoes, watermelons, bananas, litchies, etc. and dilute it with freshly squeezed juice and some water. Now, pour it into moulds with a stick and freeze for several hours. Take them out and lick them to break away from a monotonous day.

Chocolate Pudding

Nothing can beat a low feeling better than a chocolate dessert. And what’s better than a rich and classic chocolate pudding? You can get a perfect chocolate pudding by whisking together cocoa powder, sugar, cornstarch, and salt with milk. Heat the contents over medium flame till they are thickened. Stir in vanilla extract and let it set. Now, pour the pudding into cups and dive into chocolatey goodness.