5 Fruit Hacks That Might Be A Game Changer

Life is meant to be filled with happy and positive experiences but at times, things get a little difficult. During such times, we tend to choose hard paths, but the good news is, that in some cases, there are always some ways to work around it. How? Through some amazing hacks.

Everybody talks about life hacks, money hacks, and health hacks but we have some fruit hacks that you didn’t know existed. Yes, these fruit hacks can make your life simpler and easier. Wanna know what are those? Have a look:

Hack to get rid of strawberry stems

We spend too much time cutting off the strawberry stems while trying not to cut it down so much. We also try to eat around the stem while eating a strawberry and this is hard. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it anymore. Just take a straw and stick it into the bottom of the strawberry. Then, push it all the way up to the top, you will see the stem being pushed right off!

Hack to prevent apples from getting brown

Have you ever cut an apple in the morning only to find out that the apple has turned brown? We know it is very disappointing, but you can get rid of this problem. All you have to do is mix two tablespoons of honey with one cup of water and pour the mixture on the apple slices. Let them soak and see the magic.

Hack to keep bananas fresh

Buying bananas isn’t hard but keeping them safe is. But not to worry, there’s a trick for this too. If you want your bananas to stay fresh until you’re ready to eat them, take some plastic wrap and wrap it around the stems. Believe me, this hack can change your life.

Hack to find ripe avocados

It is hard to buy avocados just to struggle in finding out whether they are ready to eat or not. To make sure that the avocado you’re choosing hasn’t already gone bad, you’ll just have to remove the little stem-like nub at the very top. If you have avocados that aren’t ripe yet and you’re anxious to eat them, you can stick them in a paper bag.

Hack to squeeze out the lemon juice 

We often try to squeeze out lemon juice but end up spraying some of the juice all over the counter. Let me tell you that there is a common household item that can help you out. We are talking about tongs. Just place your lemon in the middle and squeeze both sides. You are done!

Aren’t these hacks amazing? If this is the first time you’re coming across these fruit hacks, they are going to change your life. And when they do, we bet you’ll be glad. Do let us know what you think!