6 Essential Tips To Make The Perfect Homemade Sarson Ka Saag
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Sarson ka saag is a famous Punjabi dish. It is a traditional recipe that is cherished and enjoyed throughout India, especially in North India. Sarson refers to mustard, and saag means greens, as this is a recipe for the preparation of mustard greens, which are abundantly available in the local markets during the winter season in India.

The dish is mainly prepared in curry form with a thick, creamy sauce that is quite addictive. Sarson saag is often enjoyed with makke ki roti, paratha, and steamed basmati rice. Although making the curry is a straightforward process, there are certain tips you should follow to make the best sargo ka saag every time.

Ensure The Ingredients Are Fresh

The blend of mustard greens and spinach is simply magical, and the final outcome is something you will keep coming back to. Fresh ingredients are crucial in this dish, especially the mustard greens and spinach that lend colour, flavour, and texture to sarson ka saag.

Fresh ginger, garlic, green chillies, and tomatoes enhance the overall freshness and aroma. Using stale or wilted greens may result in a less appealing appearance and compromise the authentic taste of this traditional Punjabi dish.

Prep It To Perfection

Make sure you wash and pat your greens dry well to eliminate any impurities. When you are boiling the greens, make sure you add a pinch of salt, as this ensures that they retain their green hue.

The Right Pan

When it comes to making the perfect sarson ka saag, you will need the right type of vessel to ensure your dish comes out the way you intended it to. For that, you will need a pot that can handle slow cooking to perfection. Pick a heavy-bottomed pot to make sure that your sarson ka saag comes out creamy and simply delicious.

Slow Cooking Is The Key

Sarson ka saag requires slow cooking, and if you manage to ace this, your patience is greatly rewarded at the end. As low heat requires longer to finish, this allows the greens to break down completely and release their earthly and rich flavours. The longer the cooking, the better when it comes to sarson ka saag. So make sure you don’t rush into cooking this dish.

Ace The Tempering

Achieving perfect tempering is essential to enhancing the flavour and aroma of your dish. In a pan, heat ghee, cumin seeds, green chillies, and chopped garlic together for a simple mixture that elevates your curry significantly.

Garnish It Well

To make sure your sarson ka saag gets even richer than it already is, simply garnish the curry with a spoonful of ghee on top. Not only that, you can top the curry with butter as well if you prefer makkhan more than ghee. The choice is yours.