6 Essential Tips To Follow While Packing Lunch Boxes
Image Credit: Lunch box | Image Credit: Freepik.com

Summer season can be harsh which can lead to constant irritation as and when you step out of the house. Scorching heat can’t be an excuse to stay back at home as people have to walk out of the house for their respective work. It is a common practice to carry lunch boxes when you go to work to keep yourself full and satisfied. 

Summer season means carrying umbrellas, cold water flasks, water bottles, etc. Your bags may overload which may force you to skip your lunch box. However, maintaining a proper, healthy, and hydrating diet is essential during the summer like any other season. But, the problem arises when you pack lunch in boxes which often might get spoiled or perish. Thus, while packing lunch for yourself, your children, or your loved ones, keeping food safe and enjoyable during the summer season requires some planning. Here are six essential tips that you must keep in mind while packing lunch boxes. Take a look:  

  • Choose Cool And Refreshing Foods  

You can choose from a wide range of light, refreshing, and hydrating foods to combat the heat. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables that have high water content, such as watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes in your lunch boxes. These food items will not only provide essential nutrients but keep your body cool and hydrated. Consider packing salads, fruit skewers, veggie wraps, etc for a healthy, nutritious, and hydrating meal.  

  • Use Insulated Containers  

In the summer season, it is important to carry your food and drinks in insulated lunch boxes, containers, or bottles. These containers will enable you to maintain the cold temperature of perishable foods such as yoghurt, sandwiches with meat or dairy fillings, and salads containing mayonnaise-based dressings. These containers will help you to maintain the temperature of your foods and drinks without getting in contact with the hot humid weather outside.   

  • Pack Non-Perishable Snacks  

Apart from the perishable items, include non-perishable snacks in your lunch boxes that can withstand the heat of the summer without spoiling. Opt for items like whole-grain crackers, nuts, dried fruits, granola bars or popcorn. These snacks provide energy as well as satiety without the risk of spoilage, making them ideal for summer lunch boxes.   

  • Mindful Beverage Choices  

It is important to stay hydrated during the hot summer months, thus, do not forget to pack fluids alongside your lunch. Choose coconut water, or homemade fruit-infused drinks over sugary drinks or sodas. Keep the bottle in the refrigerator and use the insulated bottle to retain the cold temperature for longer durations.   

  • Practice Safe Food Handling  

The summer heat leads to an increased risk of foodborne illness if proper safety measures are not taken. Some of the precautions include washing hands thoroughly before handling food and refrigerating until it’s time to pack them. Also, avoid leaving the packed lunches out in the sun for long hours. When in doubt, discard leftover food when kept at room temperature for more than two hours to prevent foodborne illness.   

  • Plan For Quick And Easy Assembly  

You can simplify the lunch-packing process by prepping the ingredients beforehand and opting for quick and easy assemble. Wash and chop fruits and vegetables in advance and portion out snacks into individual servings as per convenience. Consider cooking grains, proteins, and other staples in batches at the beginning of the week to streamline meal preparation and ensure nutritious lunches are always available.