6 Effective Ways To Add Garlic To Your Diet

The unique flavour and fragrance of garlic, a bulbous plant that is a member of the onion family, make it a popular culinary ingredient. Garlic can be added to our diet by crushing or chopping it up, then sautéing it in oil to release its flavour before adding other foods. It can be added to many different recipes, including marinades, stir-fries, soups, and sauces. 

Roasted garlic also tastes great spread over bread or mixed with dips. In addition to adding flavour to food, garlic has been shown to strengthen the immune system and support heart health, among other health advantages, as also mentioned in the study by the National Institute of Health.

Here are some effective ways to include garlic in your diet:

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1. Garlic in Soup and Stews: 

Garlic is an aromatic and healing ingredient that is widely used to give depth to soups and stews. Put garlic into the menu plans by using it in soups and stews, First of all, put in a few spices like cumin, and cloves, then add minced or chopped garlic in hot oil and add it to the soups, stews and other dishes as well. The heat will unleash the aromatic palate and make the dish more delightful, adding richness to it. This method offers dual benefits – not only does it strengthen flavour, but it also promotes the intake of garlic, which is highly beneficial for the health of an individual.

2. Roasted Garlic: 

Roasted garlic remains a perfect means of having garlic in our diet. To get roasted garlic Do it first, cut off the top of the garlic bulb, add the cloves and drizzle some oil on it, Wrap it in foil and bake it in the oven till it’s soft and brown. The garlic becomes light, similar to cream and not that harsh anymore, making it ideal for any snack, salad or dip. The question of roasted garlic is not only about its taste but also its health properties. It is an irreplaceable ingredient that offers multiple benefits by making cooked food more delicious and healthy, including meals, salads, and snacks.

3. Garlic Butter: 

One tasty way to include garlic in our diets is through garlic butter. To make garlic butter, finely cut or crush garlic cloves into softened, unsalted butter. For more flavour, add chopped parsley and a touch of salt. Spread this garlic butter on toast, bread, or rolls. You can also melt it over pasta, shellfish, or grilled veggies. In addition to adding the health advantages of garlic, it also adds a deep, savoury flavour with a hint of garlic that improves the taste of many foods.

4. Garlic Infused Oil: 

Garlic oil infused is a wonderful and tasty trick to boost everyday life with all the flavour of garlic. Different types of oil can be used for it, like olive oil and coconut oil, and put in the pan some minced or crushed garlic cloves. Heat the oil with the garlic bits on low heat until it's golden brown. Pour the oil to remove the burnt garlic parts. This oil might be used for preparing pickles, roasting vegetables, making a delicious dipping sauce for bread, dressing over a salad, and giving a hint of garlic taste to each dish.

5. Garlic Bread: 

Garlic bread is a delicious way to incorporate garlic into our diet. To make garlic bread, slice a baguette or loaf of bread and spread a mixture of minced garlic, butter, and herbs on the slices. Toast them in the oven until golden and crispy. This simple yet flavorful dish can be served as a side dish with pasta, soup, or salad. The combination of garlic and butter adds richness and a savoury taste to the bread, making it a popular choice for garlic lovers.

6. Garlic Paste: 

Garlic paste is a perfect kitchen condiment to enrich various dishes with garlic. To prepare the garlic paste, chop or mince the garlic without the peelings. Next, cloves of garlic will be minced to a paste-like consistency using a mortar and pestle or a food processor. This paste can act as a catch-all ingredient that could be integrated into almost any dish locally during the cooking period, whether spices, marinades or sauces. It is a handy alternative for individuals who are happy to consume garlic and not worry about getting stuck with mincing or cutting cloves every time they use them.