6 Easy Sushi Rolls Anybody Can Make At Home With Utter Ease
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Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish which gained global popularity and can be found in restaurants worldwide. Sushi comes from a Japanese word that translates to "sour rice," this rice is the foundation of sushi, even though most Americans associate it with raw fish. In reality, the term "sashimi" implies a raw piece of fish.

While it might seem like a dish best left to professionals, making sushi at home is easier than you think. It is not limited to Japan now. You can easily create a number of sushi dishes just at your place. With a few key ingredients and simple techniques, you can create delicious sushi rolls that rival those from your favourite sushi spot.

Authentic sushi rolls are a delightful blend of fresh ingredients and precise techniques. Despite the meticulous training required to become a professional sushi chef, anyone can master the basics at home. Fresh ingredients, proper tools, and patience are enough. You may use fish, veggies, or fruits to make homemade sushi, which is great. Try these six sushi rolls at home to enhance your dinner plans.

6 Types of Sushi Rolls You Can Try at Home

California Roll

Sushi beginners should start with the California Roll. Imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber are wrapped in nori and sushi rice in this roll. Since it's not raw seafood, it's a gentle sushi introduction. Crispy cucumber complements creamy avocado, while faux crab adds sweetness. Add rice vinegar to sushi rice to prepare. 

The shiny side of a nori sheet should face down on a bamboo mat. Leave a tiny boundary around the nori when covering it with rice. Now you have to flip the nori so the rice faces down, then place crab, avocado, and cucumber along the centre. Roll the bamboo mat tightly. Cut it into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

Dragon Roll

The Dragon Roll is a striking uramaki (inside-out roll) with mango and avocado "scales". Its crispy prawn tempura, creamy avocado, and crunchy cucumber make it a visual and culinary delight. Start by making sushi rice. Lay nori on a bamboo mat, sprinkle rice evenly, and flip. Place prawn tempura, avocado and cucumber in the centre and roll sushi tightly. Cover with thin avocado and mango slices, smear with sriracha mayo, and cut.

Spicy Tuna Roll

For a spicy kick, the Spicy Tuna Roll is a fantastic choice. This roll combines spicy tuna with cucumber and avocado, wrapped in rice and nori. If raw tuna is not available, canned tuna mixed with Sriracha can be a great substitute. To make it, mix tuna with Sriracha and mayonnaise. Place nori on a bamboo mat and spread rice evenly. Add the tuna mixture, cucumber, and avocado, then roll tightly using the bamboo mat. Slice and serve.

Shrimp Tempura Roll

If you are still wondering what makes these shrimp tempura rolls so yum, it’s their taste as well as the texture. Crispy prawn tempura complements creamy avocado and seasoned rice. First, make sushi rice. Spread rice evenly over nori on a bamboo mat, then add prawn tempura and avocado. Roll firmly with the bamboo mat, slice, and serve with soy sauce.

Philadelphia Roll

The Philadelphia Roll has smoked salmon and cream cheese for an American taste. Rich and creamy textures are complemented with crisp cucumber. Prepare sushi rice and spread it evenly over nori on a bamboo mat. Reverse nori, add smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber. Roll tightly using the bamboo mat, slice, and sprinkle with everything bagel seasoning.

Boston Roll

The simple yet delightful Boston Roll features poached shrimp, cucumber, and avocado, topped with tobiko, for an extra burst of flavour and crunch. After making the sushi rice, distribute it evenly over nori on a bamboo mat. Place avocado, cucumber, and prawns in the bamboo mat and roll tightly. Top with chopped Tobiko and you are all set to serve it!

Making sushi at home can be a fun and rewarding experience. These six types of sushi rolls offer a range of flavours and ingredients, allowing everyone to find their favourite. With practice and creativity, homemade sushi can become a delightful addition to any meal.