6 Drinks To Have Post-Dinner For Better Sleep

Many of us anticipate relaxing and getting ready for a good night's sleep after a filling dinner. But the quality of our sleep can be helped or hurt by the meals and drinks we consume. Deciding on the perfect drink to sip after a meal may greatly influence the likelihood of having a restful and refreshing night's sleep. We can ease our bodies into a state of relaxation and make it easier to get off to sleep and have undisturbed sleep by choosing beverages that are relaxing, soothing, and encourage rest. Let's have a look at six beverages that can improve the quality of your sleep and your general health after dinner.  

Chamomile Tea 

The sedative effects of chamomile tea make it a perfect beverage to sip after a meal. Apigenin, an antioxidant included in this herbal tea, binds to specific brain receptors and promotes relaxation while lowering anxiety. After a hearty supper, unwind with a warm cup of chamomile tea to set the stage for a good night's sleep. 

Warm Milk 

Some people find that drinking warm milk before bed helps them fall asleep more easily. This is because milk is high in the amino acid tryptophan, which the brain uses to make the hormones serotonin and melatonin, which are important for controlling when we sleep and when we wake up. Furthermore, the soothing warmth of milk helps ease stiff muscles and promote a feeling of peace which in turn makes it easier to fall asleep. 

Herbal Decaffeinated Tea 

After a hearty meal, try a cup of decaffeinated herbal tea—peppermint, lavender, or valerian root are just a few examples. Lavender and valerian root teas are sedatives that help you relax and get ready for sleep, while peppermint tea helps with digestion and can ease bloating and pain after eating. 

Golden Milk  

Traditional Ayurvedic drinks like turmeric latte or golden milk include turmeric, boiled milk, and spices like ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant curcumin found in turmeric may help alleviate inflammation and enhance the quality of sleep. After dinner, sip on some golden milk for some soothing comfort as you wind down for the night. 

Warm Almond Milk with Saffron 

Savouring a warm cup of almond milk flavoured with saffron is a decadent way to unwind and get a better night's sleep. Natural magnesium sources like almonds are great for maintaining regular sleep cycles and helping you unwind at the end of a long day. A spice with a long history of usage in traditional medicine, saffron is much sought after for its aromatic and sedative qualities. 

Warm Lemon Water 

A simple yet effective drink that can help with digestion and encourage relaxation before bedtime is warm lemon water. Antioxidants and vitamin C, which are abundant in lemons, help lower inflammation and strengthen the immune system. An ideal setting for a good night's sleep can be achieved by drinking warm lemon water after supper, which helps to alkalize the body and calm the digestive system.