6 Dos And Don’ts Of Cooking Chicken In Microwave

A microwave oven seems to be a convenient choice for cooking chicken or any other animal meat because all you need to do is set the temperature and a timer, and you can relax. However, it is one of the biggest mistakes that might be leaving the meat dry and chewy. Cooking chicken in a microwave is also an art with a few dos and don’ts that can take your level from an amateur to an expert.

Video Credit: Foodie Mom/ YouTube

When you cook chicken in an oven, it is crucial that you use the right technique and temperature so that you can arrange a delicious meal for a spread. Below are a few mistakes that you must avoid and a few things that you need to be careful about when cooking chicken in the microwave.

Don’t Cut Chicken

When you are cooking chicken in the microwave and need to check if it has cooked through, do not slice or cut it with a knife. All kinds of animal meat have juices that are released during cooking and if you slice it too soon, the chicken will be left dehydrated. Even if cooked through, the dish will taste chewy like rubber.

Shred After Cooling Down

When the chicken is cooked through, and you have taken it out of the microwave, you should wait for it to cook down. Meat cooks further in its heat, therefore, it should be rested for a while so that the process of cooking can stop. After 10-15 minutes, you can shred the chicken but be careful of opening the wrap because sudden release of steam can burn your skin.

Don’t Cook Through

As mentioned before, meat cooks in its heat. Therefore, you have to set the timer for cooking chicken 4-5 minutes prior to it being cooked. Depending on the thickness, size, and pieces of meat, cook your dish, turn off the oven, and keep it aside. 

Defrost Unwrapped Chicken Meat

Many people make the common mistake of defrosting chicken using the microwave in plastic or paper wrap it comes in. Meat comes packed with chemicals that increase its shelf life, and it remains surrounded by unhygienic juices that can seep into it when you defrost it in the microwave. Moreover, if you have turned on the heat while defrosting, plastic particles can get trapped inside it, and you will end up eating it all.

Don’t Cook Raw Chicken

When you cook anything in the microwave, it is exposed to frequencies that induce heat inside the appliance. If you directly cook raw chicken in the oven, the exposure to heat frequencies can result in a chewy and dry texture due to uneven cooking. Cook defrosted and marinated meat in the appliance to serve a sumptuous dish for dinner.

Cover The Pan

Always cover the pan in which you are cooking the chicken unless you decide to roast it. Exposure to heat from all sides can lead to dry texture that you won’t enjoy. However, if you cover the lid of the cooking pan or pack the meat pieces in foil, it will allow the chicken to cook in the steam of its juices which will ensure that it comes out juicy and delicious.