4 Iconic Indian Chicken Dishes On Global 50 Best Chicken Dishes

Indian cuisine is full of some of the most mouth-watering chicken recipes across regions and cultures. From street food to luxurious, sit-down dining experiences, chicken has been the popular favourite protein of choice for many. Given the diversity in recipes and dishes, it comes as no surprise that four iconic chicken-based dishes made it to the global list of the 50 Best Chicken Dishes – of which, two dishes were in the top five and all four were in the top 25.

Murgh Makhani

Tender chicken pieces cooked in a creamy, tangy gravy, the Murgh Makhani features in third place on the list for how much it has taken the world by storm. The Mughlai dish has admirers around the world and has now become synonymous with Indian food, worldwide. This gravy-based dish features on pretty much everything from biryani, pizza, sandwiches, fries and even rolls but tastes the best when eaten with fresh tandoori naans.

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The quintessential ‘party food’, chicken tikka is the Indian equivalent of the roast chicken from the West. Boneless chicken that is marinated in a yoghurt-based marinade flavoured with spices and roasted over hot coals, the smoky and savoury chicken tikka stands at fourth place on the list being the second Indian dish to feature in the global top 5.

Tandoori Murgh

A classic Mughlai-Indian way of roasting a whole bird, the tandoori chicken holds its position as the reigning favourite for family-style meals in India. Tender meat roasted on the bone, the tandoori murgh has an unmissable charr that gives it its robust flavour. This dish is positioned at 19 on the global list of being an iconic chicken dish.

Chicken 65

Giving the chicken tikka stiff competition down south is its counterpart – the chicken 65. Coated in a crispy batter and scented with fried curry leaves, the spicy chicken 65 is meant to be the ideal snack to munch on while knocking down a few drinks. Positioned at 25 on the global list, this fiery street food from Tamil Nadu continues to win hearts.