6 Dishes To Make With Methi This Summer Season
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Who said the summer season only brings sweet and juicy fruits that you await all year long? The summers also bring a variety of vegetables like brinjal, okra, pumpkin, and methi, or fenugreek leaves. When it comes to traditional Indian recipes, there are a lot of flavourful dishes that can be made with each of the summer vegetables.

If you are looking for lunch or dinner ideas for the summer season, this article will focus on some delicious methi dishes. You no longer have to make the basic lentils every day. Read on and explore the savoury dishes that you can make with the summer vegetable methi, and choose the options that will suit your palate.

Methi Aloo

Methi aloo is a simple yet flavourful dish that is frequently made in Indian households. To make methi aloo, you can start by boiling some potatoes. Then, you can cut them into small pieces and fry them with methi till they are slightly brown. Then add a tadka made with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and green chillies. You can then add some sauteed onions in garlic and ginger paste with your go-to spices. Mix in all the ingredients till the potatoes absorb the flavour. Now, garnish with cilantro and enjoy with a roti.

Methi Malai Matar

Methi malai matar is a slightly sweet and cream dish that’s perfect for a sumptuous meal. You can make this creamy dish with a rich paste made by grinding cashew nuts. To start, you can sautee chopped onions in a ginger garlic paste with the usual spices. Then, you can add the cashew nut paste and some milk to even out the consistency. Finally, you can add boiled peas and chopped methi leaves and let the gravy simmer till it is aromatic.

Paneer Methi Masala

If you want a protein-rich dish for the day, you can make paneer methi masala. The best part about paneer methi masala is that the dish gets ready to eat in just about half an hour. All you need to do is shallow-fry some paneer cubes and set them aside till you make the masala. Then, you can make the methi masala with chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and your go-to spices. Next, add the chopped methi leaves with the paneer pieces. You can add a red chilli to season the dish and then serve it with roti or rice.

Methi Makai Paratha

Methi makai paratha is a great flatbread that can either be enjoyed as is or paired with any Indian sabzi or dal. For the methi makai paratha, first, you’ll need to knead dough with makki ka atta, water, chopped methi leaves, finely chopped onions, and spice as per your taste. Then, you can take small portions of the dough, roll them into a circle, and cook from both sides till the paratha is crispy. Add some ghee or butter, and your paratha will be ready to eat.

Methi Corn

Methi corn is a light dish that can also be refreshing to eat in the summer season. This dish also has a sweet and creamy profile, thanks to the cashew nut-based gravy. To make methi corn, you need to boil sweet corn kernels and cook them in a cashew nut paste with milk, ginger-garlic paste, and spices like red chilli powder, garam masala, and salt. Then, add chopped methi leaves and coat them with the gravy. You can then enjoy the dish with a naan or roti.

Methi Seasoned Kadhi

While talking about dishes to make with methi, it’s not possible to leave kadhi out of it. Even though kadhi is made with curd or buttermilk mixed with besan (gram flour), the methi seasoning makes all the difference. Once your kadhi is ready, you can add a tadka that has methi leaves, fenugreek seeds, red chilli powder, mustard seeds, and salt. You can then have it with jeera rice and feel the difference of methi seasoning.