6 Different Varieties Of Avocados You Must Know
Image Credit: Unsplash

Although it would appear that every avocado is the same, there is so much more to this remarkable fruit than meets the eye. It turns out that there are more than 500 different kinds of avocados in the world, and they may be divided into three categories: Mexican, Guatemalan, and Indian variants. Thus, there are many more varieties of avocados than what you would see in the vegetable section of your local supermarket. Discover everything about several of the most well-known avocado variety types by reading on.

There are key things any fan of avocados should be aware of before we dive into all the exciting variants. Each kind of avocado can be divided into either Type A or Type B. In essence, Type A has morning-blooming female flowers while Type B has morning-blooming male flowers. In addition, Type A typically have pretty thick skin and more oil in their bodies than Type B.

1. Hass

Let's start with Hass, the most well-liked avo around. This type of avocado may be found on every shelf in a supermarket shop. Rudolph Hass, who first discovered this California cultivar in the 1920s, gave it its name. Its buttery, somewhat nutty flavour has come to be recognised as a distinguishing quality that all avocados are measured against. That might be a result of its Type A personality. Whatever the case, Hass is the versatile avocado we adore on everything.

2. Pinkerton

One of the most well-liked choices on this list is the Pinkerton Avocado because it's a terrific fruit for eating and growing. These avocados, which have a similar oblong, narrow pear form to the Fuerte with a somewhat pebbly, easily peeled skin of moderate thickness that keeps its vivid green colour even as it ripens, can get to be some of the biggest ones you'll find. Pinkertons are available in sizes ranging from 8 ounces to a staggering 18 ounces. They have a rich, nutty flavour and an extremely small pit, so there is extra avocado flesh to savour.

3. Fuerte

One of the popular avocados is Fuerte. It goes well with a variety of foods and has a deeper, nuttier flavour than Hass. If you don't consume it all at once, that is. A Caprese salad is a terrific place to add Fuerte, and also it's essential for a loaded vegetarian sandwich.

4. Bacon

You're not alone if the word bacon aroused your curiosity. Although it doesn't taste like bacon, this avocado has become more and more popular over the years. However, the fact that the Bacon Avocado is notorious for being tough is significant for those who produce avocado trees. Although its flesh is noted as being unusually light and occasionally even bland in comparison to Hass and Fuerte, this silky, green avocado cultivar has a distinctively sweet flavour note.

5. Stewart

When mature, the thin-skinned, darker Stewart (or Stuart) avocado kind will grow dark purple or black. This pear-shaped fruit weighs between 6 to 10 ounces and has rough, thin skin, and beautifully smooth flesh with a buttery flavour and less oil compared to some of its peers. The Stewart is exceptionally cold-resistant, much like the Bacon Avocado.

6. Pryor

The Pryor Avocado sometimes called the "Fantastic," certainly lives up to its other name. This avocado cultivar is also green, and it has thin, lustrous skin that keeps its lovely colour as it ripens. With a velvety flesh that boasts one of the best oil proportions of all avocados, the Pryor is among the smallest but also one of the nicest avocado fruits available today.