6 Different Kachori Recipes With A Healthy Spin
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Kachoris are a beloved snack for all Indians. Whether it's teatime indulgence or craving at any time, kachoris always sound like a good idea. As the crispy crust breaks and a masaledar filling gets revealed, the increasing level of excitement makes it hard to resist.

Kachoris can be so tempting sometimes; its vision can haunt you in your dreams. But the real challenge comes when you feel restricted to health goals and worry about spoiling your gut health with the fatty and spicy snack. Nevertheless, if the cravings get stronger, you can always whip up some delicious and healthy kachoris at home in the comfort of your kitchen.

Wondering how? Check out these recipes below and learn how your beloved kachoris can be a healthy and nutritious indulgence. By replacing refined flour with whole grain flour and traditional deep frying with oil-free cooking methods, these kachoris maintain their delicious taste while eliminating any feelings of guilt.

6 Types Of Easy Kachoris You Can Make

1) Dal Kachori

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Classic dal kachori is the easiest to make. For the instant recipe, moong dal is first roasted and ground to a fine powder. Then it is mixed with spices, salt and some water to make a thick paste. This paste is filled within the sheets of whole grain flour dough and baked until they turn puffy and flaky in texture.

2) Aloo Kachori

Aloo filling gives the kachori a satisfying texture and flavour, which can be compared to samosa but with a thick crust. A classic aloo filling is made by mixing mashed potatoes with spices and curry leaves, and it tastes extremely good with baked and air-fried kachoris.

3) Pyaz Kachori

Like the name says, this kachori uses pyaz or onion masala filling. The masala is prepared by sautéing diced onions with fennel seeds, cumin seeds, ginger garlic paste, chopped chillies, spices and salt. Lastly, besan or chickpea flour goes in to give it a crumbly texture and make it dry.

4) Matar Kachori

Featuring the refreshing flavour of sweet peas, this matar kachori is one of the classic kachori recipes famous all over ndia. For this, peas are sauteed with cumin seeds, green chillies, garlic cloves, spices and some salt. Then this mixture is blended into a fine paste and mixed with chaat masala and amchur powder.

5) Dry Fruit Kachori

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Blending the goodness of dry fruits in kachori, this mawa kachori is a perfect dessert treat for the night. Combining several dry fruits like dates, cashews, almonds, and pistachios in a savoury mixture, this kachori is a wonderful way to savour the nutrition from nuts in a delicious way.

6) Corn Kachori

With the sweet hints of sweet corn combined in a crispy kachori snack, this recipe is the perfect satisfaction for taste buds. All you need to do is blend the corn kernels into a coarse mixture, then sauté them in hot oil with cumin seeds, spices, salt and some gram flour. After it's well mixed, use it as a filling for whole grain kachoris and enjoy the flavours with health benefits.

This healthy take on the classic kachori recipe gives it a delicious and guilt-free twist. Whether you're craving a snack late at night or want an appetiser for dinner, make these kachoris at home and enjoy the flavours.