6 Desserts To Make With A Fruit And Nut Chocolate Bar
Image Credit: Freepik

Chocolates are God’s way of saying, “It’s a beautiful world.” Be it the gooey chocolate dripping out of a choco lava cake, the goodness of a simple chocolate pudding, or your go-to chocolate bar. Not to forget, chocolates are also an easy way to incorporate many fruits and nuts into the diet of picky eaters.

If you are accustomed to eating dry fruits and nuts because of chocolates, you must have a favourite fruit and nut chocolate bar. So, why don’t you take up some time and turn your favourite chocolate bar into mouth-melting desserts? Here are a few ways you can go about and get the taste of your go-to chocolate bar in some cool desserts.

Fruit And Nut Brownies

Brownies are the epitome of chocolate desserts. The best part about brownies is that they are like a blank canvas, and you can mix and match them with any flavour, and the experiment will always turn out to be successful. Just like that, you can take your favourite chocolate bar and chop it into small pieces. Once you have made your usual brownie batter, you can fold in the chocolate pieces and bake, just like always. This way, you’ll get a new flavour of brownies based on the chocolate bar you’re so fond of.

Chocolate Shake

If you’re looking for a quick fix for your sweet tooth, making a shake will be the best and fastest option. All you need to do is take a blender and some chilled milk, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, half a bar of your favourite chocolate, alongwith any additives that you want, like sprinkles, chocolate chips, jellies, and so on. Now, blend them to get a smooth shake, pour it into a tall glass, and relish it.

Fruit And Nut Sundae

Since the summer season is upon everyone, obviously, you would need something or other to beat the heat. Taking the point in case, what’s better than a bowl filled with ice cream and some chocolatey toppings? You can make a fruit and nut sundae by taking a few scoops of ice cream, adding a layer of melted fruit and nut chocolate bar garnished with some chocolate chips and chopped dried fruits.

Nutty Chocolate Tart

For people who love mini treats that are crunchy and have a surprising inside, a nutty chocolate will be the perfect choice. You can start by preparing a tart from scratch with flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, and eggs, as per your usual recipe. After the crunchy tart is ready, you can make a chocolatey filling with a melted chocolate bar, whipped cream, and a few chocolate chips. Then, add the filling in the tarts, refrigerate till they are set, and enjoy.

Stuffed Cookies

Another way of incorporating your favourite fruit and nut chocolate bar into an impeccable dessert is by making stuffed cookies. You can make a batter for your regular chocolate chip cookies. Before kneading the dough, you can chop the chocolate and fold the pieces in the batter. Finally, you can take out small portions and bake aromatic stuffed cookies.

Fruit And Nut Mousse

Lastly, if you want a dessert recipe that does not involve baking and can be made in just ten minutes, fruit and nut mousse can do that for you. To make this indulgent chocolate dessert, you can take some crushed cookies or crumbled cake as the base layer. Then, you can mix some whipped cream with a melted fruit and nut chocolate bar and add it on top of the first layer. Finally, you can garnish it with fruits or whipped cream.