6 Desi Vegetarian Snacks To Make In An Air Fryer
Image Credit: Glen India

The urge to snack on delicious fried goodies, whether at a party, at teatime or at a celebration, is something no Indian is stranger to. From Pakodas and Chaats at teatime to delicious starters like Tikkis and Vadas at a party, we all love to dip these desi vegetarian snacks in sweet, spicy and chatpata chutneys before bingeing on them and relishing every bite. And yet, in the last few years, the fact that deep-fried and fried snacks are unhealthy and can cause high cholesterol, obesity and heart disease has solidified to the extent that the health-conscious have started saying no to delicacies like samosas. 

Of course, with the advent of air fryers in the Indian market, a lot of these concerns were addressed with ease. Easy-to-use and efficient appliances like Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 have made it so much easier to indulge in traditional Indian snacks without any deep-frying involved. By significantly reducing the consumption of excess oil and calories, and yet retaining the signature crispiness and flavour of these desi snacks, Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 can help you get a great snacking experience without the guilt or fear of health issues. 

But that’s not all. Traditional fried snacks not only require you to slave over hot woks filled with oil but also make a mess due to splattering hot oil—which also increases burn risks by the way. Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 eliminates all that mess and risk to give you a great cooking experience too! What’s more, products like Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 are also energy efficient and can help you save both time and resources while you are trying to make smart food choices. 

Wondering what traditional Indian goodies to cook up with Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047? Here are six delicious desi vegetarian snacks you can try out. 


Making samosas in an air fryer can be quite the game-changer for those who crave this desi snack but can’t indulge in it when it is deep-fried in oil. Whether you make the samosa stuffing with potatoes, paneer or cauliflower—or try a veg pizza stuffing for a twist—doesn't matter as much as the fact that you just need to brush the samosa shells with a bit of olive oil and just place it in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047. With its efficient viewing window and timer settings, you can simply air fry the samosas until the exterior is perfectly golden brown.  

Mirchi Pakoda

Those who love spicy food love to indulge in the desi snack known as Mirchi Pakodas. Make this Rajasthani snack in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 to eliminate excess oil and calories that are involved in deep-frying. Instead, get large chillies, slit and deseed them, stuff them with a potato or a gram flour mixture, and then just place them in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 with the right time and temperature setting. Voila! You have a perfectly healthy desi snack to binge on. 

Sabudana Vada

Whether you are making this desi snack during Navratri or for any other occasion, Sabudana Vada can be given a perfectly healthy twist when made in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047. All you need to do is mix together soaked sabudana, boiled and mashed potatoes, mild spices, green chillies and coriander leaves in a bowl—and add some millet flour if needed. Shape this mixture into Vadas, brush some oil on and place them in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 for that perfectly crispy and satisfying texture you love in this classic snack. 

Paneer Tikka

Crispy and roasted on the outside and perfectly soft and scrumptious on the inside, Paneer Tikka is a desi snack that is quite filling and perfect for every festive occasion. To make this dish in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047, all you need to do is marinate paneer, bell peppers and onions in a blend of yoghurt and spices. Use skewers to arrange these ingredients and place them in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047. What you will get at the end of the process are smokey, slightly charred and yet tender Paneer Tikkas that are ready to be savoured. 

Banana Chips

Who doesn’t love to snack on Banana Chips from Kerala? Made with raw bananas, this desi snack has a global appeal, so why shouldn’t you make it at home with the help of your trusty Glen Digital Fryer 3047. All you need to do is get raw bananas (preferably Nendran bananas), slice them up really thinly and coat them with salt, pepper and a bit of coconut oil. Then, just place these banana slices in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 and air fry them up to perfection. 

Gobhi Pakoda

A starter that can please a party crowd just as much as a family gathering at teatime, Gobhi Pakoda is a delicious and healthy cauliflower snack—as long as it is air-fried in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 instead of getting deep-fried in lots of oil. To make Gobhi Pakoda in an air fryer, you need to blanch cauliflower florets in boiling water first. Then make a spicy and thick gram flour batter, coat each floret with the batter and place it in Glen’s Digital Fryer 3047 basket—don't forget to line it first! Air fry the Gobhi Pakoda until golden-brown and then serve it up with chutney.