6 Delicious Vanilla Cocktails To Unwind With On The Weekend
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Mirroring a sense of warm hospitality, dessert cocktails are the perfect ending to meals, providing a heady buzz while also satisfying the craving for something sweet. The subtle sweetness that intertwines with various ingredients of the cocktail, including the spirit, creates an indulgent elixirs that elevates one’s drinking experience. Vanilla-infused cocktails aren’t just impeccable flavours in a glass but also represent luxury, nostalgia and the spirit of being happy in a familiar environment.

Vanilla White Russian 

Creamy, smooth and fun to drink, the vanilla-scented cocktail is ideal to make with good quality vodka to blend with a splash of coffee liqueur, some vanilla syrup, a smooth touch of cream and shake well with ice until chilled. Serve the cocktail with a dusting of good espresso powder, dark chocolate shavings or a simple pod of vanilla.

Boozy Hot Chocolate

Place a cup of whole milk, any dark chocolate of choice, a recently opened pod of vanilla and sugar in a saucepan to simmer until everything is combined.  Infuse with a shot of your favourite whiskey or rum before pouring into a heatproof mug. Garnish with whipped cream and grated chocolate before serving this one up on a rare chilly evening!

Vanilla Eggnog Martini

Combining the great facets of eggnog and martini, this creamy cocktail contains nutmeg, amaretto liqueur and a generous dollop of eggnog. Elevate your cocktail experience by garnishing your drink with a dusting of cinnamon or by lighting a cinnamon stick on fire and allowing the smoke to permeate into the drink, before it is served.

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Vanilla-Cranberry Cooler 

A fruity cocktail that’s perfect to make for the incoming summer days, tart-sweet cranberry juice complements the delicious sweetness of vanilla and fizzy soda, for a cocktail that’s perfect to sip by the poolside or during a beach day. Enhance the tropical vibes of your drink by combining cranberry and pineapple juice for added fruity refreshment.

Vanilla Tequila Sunrise

If you love the stunning colours of a classic tequila sunrise, this drink is sure to impress you all over again. Stir the usual ingredients of the cocktail gently to combine, in a highball glass before adding a touch of vanilla syrup and the grenadine for the best sunrise effect. Garnish with an orange slice and maraschino cherry for an aesthetic finish.

Vanilla Raspberry Bellini

For anyone in the mood for a dry, tart-sweet drink, this berry blush bellini sweetened with vanilla syrup will even replace their love for a classic Cosmo. Swap the raspberry juice with peach for the ultimate classic feel, but experiment with other fresh citrus juices if you’re feeling adventurous.