6 Delicious Dishes That Can Be Made With Red Cabbage
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The humble red cabbage is an unsung hero of the vegetable world. With its deep purple leaves unfurling like the pages of a mediaeval manuscript, it adds a pop of unexpected colour to both the garden and the plate. Bite into its crisp yet tender leaves and you'll find a pleasantly peppery punch that livens up any salad or slaw. 

5 Health Benefits Of Red Cabbage  

Loaded with antioxidants: according to national library of medicines the vibrant purple hue of red cabbage comes from anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that helps fight inflammation and protect cells from damage.    

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Excellent source of Vitamin C: as per the national library of medicines one cup of raw red cabbage provides 85% of your daily vitamin C needs. Vitamin C boosts immunity, aids collagen production, and acts as an antioxidant.  

High in fibre: a study by national library of medicines indicates that a single cup of chopped red cabbage has 2 grams of dietary fibre. Fibre promotes digestive and heart health, improves blood sugar control, and makes you feel full.    

Contains choline: red cabbage is one of the best vegetable-based sources of the nutrient choline, which supports brain health and liver function. Choline also helps regulate mood and muscle control.  

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It's low in calories but nutrient-dense: With only 28 calories (about 2 minutes of running) per cup, red cabbage offers an impressive nutrient profile. It's packed with vitamins, minerals, and powerful plant compounds that provide a healthy dose of nutrition without excess calories.  

The 6 Delicious Red Cabbage Dishes  

Red Cabbage And Peas Poriyal  

Transform a head of cabbage into an amazing dish. Slice the cabbage thinly and set it aside. Heat up your wok until it's searing hot. Pop in the curry leaves, cumin and mustard seeds to aromatize the oil. Toss in the peas and cabbage and sprinkle with a pinch of red pepper and salt for a hit of heat and seasoning. Give it a stir, and let it steam on low for 8–10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Finish with a bright squeeze of lemon and add some grated coconut. Serve up this quick and easy cabbage poriyal as a side dish with some piping hot rice and sambhar to enjoy a hearty South Indian meal. 

Red Cabbage Curry  

Grab a pan and put it on the stove. Add a splash of oil and let it warm up. Throw in the whole spices—cumin, chilli, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and bay leaf—and let them dance around. When they're fragrant, add the garlic. Let it turn golden. Toss in the onions. Cook for a few minutes, stirring now and then. Mix in the ginger and potatoes. Add the cabbage in batches, popping the lid on in between. Sprinkle with salt and turmeric. Once the cabbage shrinks down, mix in the tomatoes and peppers. Pop the lid back on. When the veggies are tender, stir in the ground spices and garam masala. Squeeze in some lemon juice and sprinkle with cilantro. Turn off the heat and enjoy this side dish with some flatbreads like roti, chapathi or phulka.  

Red Cabbage Soup  

Let's make a super simple and tasty purple cabbage and potato soup! Just chop up the cabbage and potatoes. Fry some garlic and onions, then throw in the veggies. Add stock, simmer, and blend it all up 'til smooth. Finish with lime juice, olive oil, and fresh dill. Yum! This red cabbage soup, served with a slice of garlic toast or baguette, makes for a hearty meal on wintry days. 

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Sauteed Red Cabbage  

To make this yummy sauteed red cabbage dish, put a little olive oil in a big pan on medium heat. Add a bay leaf and a diced garlic clove. Cook for 1 minute. Next, add chopped red cabbage. Stir it around as it cooks until soft. Season it with salt. Lastly, pour in 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and mix. Enjoy your easy cabbage side!  

Red Cabbage Salad With Coconut  

Heat up some coconut oil in a pan, throw in mustard seeds and let them pop. Take the pan off the heat and set it aside for later. Now grab some cabbage and other crunchy veggies you like. Shred them into a bowl. 

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Toss the shredded veggies with lime juice, sugar, salt, and coconut. Give it a taste and add anything else you think would be tasty. You can munch on the fresh, crunchy salad right away. Or chill it in the fridge to enjoy later!  

Red Cabbage Stir Fry  

Transform your kitchen into an aromatic heaven as you prepare this vibrant stir fry. Heat up some oil and add mustard seeds. Toss in sliced onions, chopped garlic and green chilies to the mix. Next, add chopped tomatoes and salt, cooking until the tomatoes melt into a sweet and tangy sauce. Throw in the potatoes, carrots, bell peppers and peas, and stir everything together. Cover and let the veggies simmer until fork-tender. Just like that, you have a colourful, fragrant red cabbage stir fry ready to be devoured!