6 Delicious Delicacies To Try When You’re Visiting Haridwar
Image Credit: Unsplash

Haridwar is a holy place that has pilgrims as regular tourists from across the globe. The footfall increases tremendously during the summer season due to the calming and refreshing Ganga River and the usual vacation observed. If you are planning to visit Haridwar and be a part of the peaceful Ganga Aarti, why don’t you mark the best spots for food?

While chalking the details of your trip, you must take into consideration the best delicacies Haridwar has to offer. Read on and find out what you can eat for your meals and the local desserts. This way, you can plan your pitstops in advance, as for a bonus, the article also offers recommended places to serve as an elaborate guide for your trip.


Kachori is one flavour bomb that is the most famous in Haridwar. While walking on the banks of the Ganga, you can find innumerable roadside vendors that serve aromatic kachori. Be it with a tangy imli (tamarind) chutney or with a potato or chickpea-based gravy. You can literally choose from the many stuffings of kachori, like the ones with a filling of potatoes and onions or the ones that have a spice-based filling.

Recommendation: Mathura Walo Ki Pracheen Dukaan

Type: Vegetarian

Price: Rs. 200

Poori Bhaji

Another mouth-watering speciality of Haridwar is poori bhaji. You can choose from a wide variety of dough; you can taste masala pooris or salted pooris. The deep-fried poori is paired with a flavourful and savoury bhaaji. It is made with thick gravy of tomatoes and potatoes and with spices like turmeric powder, red chilli powder, amchur powder, hing, salt, and much more.

Recommendation: Mohan Ji Puri Wale

Type: Vegetarian

Price: Rs. 200-300


When it comes to something sweet, nothing can replace Haridwar’s jalebi, which is cooked in desi ghee. This round-shaped dessert is deep-fried and soaked in sugar syrup is literally nirvana served on a plate. You can even enjoy it hot while a roadside vendor is freshly preparing the dessert.

Recommendation: Geet Bhawan

Price: Rs. 20-50

Type: Vegetarian

Veg Thali

Haridwar is a paradise for vegetarians as the place is filled with almost all types of regional cuisines that you can try in just one trip. Starting from Gujarati thali to Punjabi thali, you can pick and choose one or more speciality restaurants and plan a halt. You can expect a classic veg thali to have paneer, dal, a dry sabzi, raita, different types of roti or naan, salad, and a sweet dish.

Recommendation: Chotiwala Restaurant

Price: Rs. 200-400

Type: Vegetarian


If you are visiting Haridwar in summer, you should definitely try out the falooda to keep yourself cool. The best part is that you don’t even have to travel much to get a good serving of falooda; you can find a street shop on the banks of Ganga or Har Ki Paudi. Choose from the many syrups and toppings like dry fruits, nuts, cherries, jellies, and much more.

Recommendation: Mohan Ji Ice Cream And Lassi

Price: Rs.50-100

Type: Vegetarian

Beetroot And Carrot Halwa

Lastly, if you’re looking for an extravagant dessert, you must try halwa on your trip to Haridwar. While you can find many types of halwa in the city, like moong daal halwa, sooji halwa, besan halwa, gajar halwa, the beetroot and carrot halwa beats every one of them. A rich serving prepared in desi ghee and topped with dry fruits and nuts can make anyone’s day.

Recommendation: Sterling Resort

Price: Rs. 300

Type: Vegetarian