6 Delicious Coffee And Food Pairings For Cold Winter Evenings
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Having a warm cup of coffee can be very relaxing on a cold winter evening. Eating something that flatters the taste of coffee can enhance the whole experience. Even though coffee is very delicious on its own, some food items in particular go very well with it. Let's look at some of the top coffee and food pairings that can satiate your cravings and also give you some relief from the cold outside.

* Bagel With Eggs

There is nothing better than the classic combination of sweet and savoury. Bagels are very famous in the West and now they're slowly becoming popular in India as well. Bagels become very crispy on the outside when toasted and have a very dense and luscious interior. You can stuff the bagels with some scrambled eggs and cheese. You can also add some greens like lettuce for a fresh touch. These bagels can be paired with the elegant and creamy cappuccino. This can also be a perfect breakfast option just in case you do not like eating heavy snacks in the evening.

* Croissant 

A cup of coffee and a butter croissant is the most classic and delightful combination of all time. This is a pair that you can frequently find in cafes and bakeries. A butter croissant can be enjoyed with a warm cup of coffee and is also a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth in the evening. Croissants are extremely smooth on the inside and crunchy on the outside. You can dip it in the coffee and savour the taste. It is also the perfect light snack for your winter evenings.

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* Cheese Garlic Toast

Cheese garlic toast is another extremely delicious snack that goes very well with a warm cup of Mocha choco chip frappe. Make sure that the cheese garlic toast is extremely flavourful and crunchy. You can add a lot of herbs and chilli flakes to make it extra flavourful. The chocolatey flavour of your coffee and the crispiness of your cheese garlic toast perfectly harmonise to make something extremely delicious. Also, both these food items are extremely warm and nourishing. This can be a perfect combination for cold winter evenings when you want to eat something that makes you feel warm.

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* Vegetable Wrap

Making a vegetable wrap can also be a great option to have with a cup of aromatic warm brew. You can always make this wrap extra delicious by adding lots of vegetables and some source of protein depending upon your preference. The boldness of the coffee compliments the subtle flavours in the wrap. You might have seen this pairing being used in a lot of cafes and restaurants. Try making this at home and let your taste be the inspiration behind the flavours.

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* Pancakes

If you want to go extra sweet, then pairing pancakes with your flavourful Americano can also be a great option. It is a food combination that heavily relies on dark flavours and sweetness. The pancakes dripped with honey or maple syrup have an extremely sweet and smooth flavour. On the other hand, Americano is a very strong coffee with mature notes. Other than being a great evening snack option, it can also be a heavy breakfast option when you want to eat something extremely sweet and chocolatey. This food combination is a paradise for any chocolate lover out there.

* Tandoori Chicken Sandwich 

Coffee and sandwiches are very old mates and we often see them being paired together. Making a smoky Tandoori Chicken Sandwich along with your coffee can be a perfect winter snack combination. You can also try having cold coffee along with this sandwich if you do not want to have warm coffee. Make your sandwich extra spicy by using lots of sauces and spices. The coffee’s sweetness will balance the spicy and tangy notes of the sandwich. Your taste buds are going to thank you for having this food combination. instead of going to fancy cafes and paying so much money to eat this combination, you can simply make it at home.

These are some of the top food pairings that go extremely well with coffee. Other than these pairings, you can also try several snacks like puffs and cookies that also go very well with a warm cup.