6 Delectable Mango Dishes & Beverages From Konkan Cuisine
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Konkani cuisine also known as the malvani cuisine is an umbrella term used to describe the culinary tapestry of coastal regions like Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Because of the proximity that these areas share with the sea, the culinary scenario of all the states has been heavily influenced by tropical flavours and natural produce. 

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Also being close to the sea made these areas a melting pot of different cuisines from different parts of the world because of the sea trade. Although there are a lot of timeless seafood recipes famous for Konkani cuisine, in this article one will get to know about the different types of dishes made in Konkani cuisine with mangoes.

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* Ambe Dal

The name of this dish might be deceptive as most people will think that it is a type of lentil curry. However, to everyone's amazement, this is a mango chutney. It is a very important part of a traditional Maharashtrian thali. To make this flavourful chutney, the pulp of the mango is mixed with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, red chillies, and curry leaves. Chana dal is also an important ingredient that is mixed with grated raw mangoes to make this chutney. The only pre-preparation required to make this chutney is to soak chana dal for at least 2 to 3 hours before making a chutney with it.

* Ambe Upkari

Ambe upkari is another beautiful and soulful curry that makes for a great main course meal. It is the right choice for people who want to have something sweet and tangy for their lunch or dinner. The most important characteristic of this curry is the fact that it is made from some juicy and ripe mangoes. One has to add some jaggery powder and a few green chillies to this dish to make it more delectable. It is traditionally eaten with some steamed rice and ghee on the side.

* God Amba Lonche

God lonche is the Konkani way of making mango pickles. The thing about mango pickles is that they're widely consumed in India but every geographical region has its recipe. This flavourful side dish is made by taking some fresh mangoes and then immersing them in a mixture made from mustard seeds, jaggery, lemon juice, oil, asafoetida, cloves, and some other local spices. The achaar has a dark brown colour and is enjoyed with different types of meals in the con kink scene.

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* Konkani Sour Mango Prawn Curry

The Konkani-style prawn curry is quite famous in its own right. If one wants to enjoy the flavours of the Konkan coast in one dish, then going for an authentic Konkani-style prawn curry is the right decision. People must know that in Konkan itself, prawn curry is made in a lot of different ways as per the availability of natural produce. In summer people like to make some delicious and creamy mango-flavoured prawn curry. This prawn curry is made by taking some ring prawns and immersing them in a gravy made from raw mangoes, tomatoes, and coriander powder. Lots of Kashmiri lal chilli powder is also added to this curry, which is served with some rice

* Mango Saav

Mango saav is also popularly known as ambe saav and is a very popular dish in both Goa and traditional Mangalorean families. Saav simply translates into mustard in the local language and it is one of the main ingredients used to formulate this dish. The curry has various flavours of sweetness, bitterness, and tanginess along with freshness because of the presence of curry leaves. Thick blocks of mangoes are cooked in a very subtly spiced curry to make a deep yellow and creamy dish. This curry is specially made by taking the ghota variety of mangoes that are small and ripe. 

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* Kairi Panna

Aam panna is one of the quintessential summer beverages in India. It is tangy, sweet, chilled, and perfectly balanced. On the Konkan coast, the aam panna is popularly called the kairi panna. It is specially made from some unripe mangoes that are infused with the flavours of cardamom, jaggery, powder, and saffron. This drink is a powerhouse of vitamin C and is also very hydrating for the body. It's not just popular in Goa but also areas such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and nearby regions. People like to have this drink along with their lunch to hydrate themselves in the smouldering heat.