6 Delectable American Desserts We Can't Get Enough Of
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

Americans take their sweets very seriously. Whether chocolatey or fruity, simple or luxurious, the country adores sugar in nearly any form. But what are the most well-known desserts in the United States? We dug deep into American history to discover which desserts truly represent the culinary history of the United States. Here are a few of the most popular desserts in the country.

Apple Pie

Nothing beats the aroma of an apple pie baking in the oven, with its buttery crust and fruit juices pouring out the edges. This apple-stuffed delicacy is served hot and topped with creamy, cold vanilla ice cream. It's really wonderful for breakfast the next morning, fresh out of the refrigerator after it's baked.

According to Smithsonian magazine, the phrase "as American as apple pie" started with a suit advertisement in a newspaper in the early 1900s. Soldiers in World War II informed everyone that they were fighting battles for "mom and apple pie," according to the magazine, which perpetuated the impression that apple pie was uniquely American. Was apple pie, however, truly an American dessert? The first pies in the United States were tasty British recipes loaded with meat and spices brought to the area by the early immigrants. As Smithsonian points out, the oldest-known apple pie recipe dates back to 14th-century England. However, the dessert has been embraced as its own by the United States, and it is now a holiday favourite for Americans.

Strawberry cheesecake


These were the popular desserts that are loved greatly in America. Do check them out the next time you visit the country.