6 Common Diet Mistakes To Avoid During The Wedding Season
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Not only is the wedding season joyous, but it's also a time for indulging in food. That buffet at an Indian wedding and even the sit-down meals during ceremonies are usually laden with the richest dishes from around the nation and the world. A little bulge around the midsection is frequently the result of people overindulging at this time, nibbling on meals high in sugar and salt.

Asking an Indian to give up moong dal halwa, papdi chaat, or pani puri is impossible, especially during the wedding season. Our system carries it at a level too deep.

There aren't many weddings each year that allow you to splurge on your impeccable diet. It wouldn't be just if we gave you another diet plan to follow. It is, nevertheless, also vital to alert you to certain typical diet errors that you may be committing.

Not Managing Your Diet Properly

Always keep it light the day before a big night out. This entails integrating as many complex carbohydrates as possible in order to satisfy hunger for an extended period of time while remaining low in calories. This implies you should prioritise fruits and vegetables in salads, soups, smoothies, and other dishes. The essential thing here is to avoid high-fat soups with thick cream and instead choose vegetable-rich soups.

Not Keeping A Rough Calorie Count

Tracking daily caloric intake in rough form also aids in maintaining a healthy diet. A useful tool for monitoring what is consumed and its potential long-term effects is the calorie count. A general estimate of calories will assist someone in balancing their calorie intake over the following several days, as wedding festivities often include many food items.

Not Counting The Calories In Drinks

Alcohol, cocktails, and soft drinks have a lot of calories. These calorie bombs can cause dehydration and increase your appetite. Such beverages include empty calories and a significant quantity of sugar, which is bad for your health; nonetheless, if you insist on drinking them, calculate the calories.

Not Consuming Enough Probiotics

Your gut bacteria overwork throughout the wedding season due to the quantity of food consumed. Thus, in order to support healthy gut flora and enhance digestion, it's critical to consume adequate probiotics like curd.

Not Keeping Yourself Hydrated

It's crucial for you to keep hydrated during weddings since dehydration can lead to cravings. Weddings can be exhausting. Between meals, always have a little sipper on hand and take tiny sips whenever you feel hungry.

Indulging In High-Carb Cuisine

Wedding food stalls with pizzas and pasta in plenty are a certain way to ruin whatever diet plan you may have for losing weight. Avoid the temptation by going to the counters that offer healthier, comparatively low-carb menu items. One of your greatest options for a nutritious meal at a wedding is Indian cuisine, which is served at practically all weddings.