6 Clear Signs Your Frozen Food Has Gone Bad
Image Credit: Unsplash

The freezer might come in handy if you are the main chef in your home. Whether it's to save time running to the store to get ingredients or to simply not have to do much more than thaw and serve, it's one of life's greatest culinary commodities. Everything is virtually freeze-proof. Though they eventually lose their flavour when thawed and cooked, frozen meals are generally safe for an unlimited amount of time. Whether food is prepared or uncooked, the ideal temperature to freeze it at is 0 F, or -18 C. Food that is frozen keeps longer than food that is uncooked. But storage is equally important as temperature.

How To Tell Your Frozen Food Is No Longer Safe To Consume?

Here are some ways you can identify that your frozen food has gone bad:

Smell Test

Aside from reducing freezer burn and moisture loss, appropriate storage in an airtight bag or container keeps smells from spreading from one type of food to another. However, if you thaw anything and it smells unusual, it is rarely worth cooking.

Check The Texture

If everything seems fine but you're still worried, check the food's texture. Texture is a good indicator of food quality and most of the time, it tells you exactly what you need to know. Throw away food that easily falls apart or leftover spaghetti that has melded with each other.

Dull Vegetables

Broccoli loses its vibrant green colour if it is stored in the freezer for an extended period of time. Similarly, when cooked foods lose their brightness, it's usually an indication that they're drying out because of improper packaging or prolonged storage. Not only broccoli but inspecting other veggies can be a good way to determine the food quality too.

Give Attention To The Expiry Date And Packaging

It's critical to read the best-by or expiration dates printed on packages. Foods that are frozen after these dates may still be safe, although their quality may have dropped. Additionally, one needs to look for any ripped packing. A ripped, punctured, or otherwise damaged package may result in contamination or freezer burn.

Ice Crystals

Food that has had freezer burns or has been inadequately kept is sometimes indicated by the presence of ice crystals inside the package. This may occur when the food's internal moisture evaporates and then the food's surface refreezes.

While huge, jagged crystals may indicate melting and refreezing, which might result in a loss of quality, little crystals are typical in frozen food.

Inspect The Colour Of Meat

Be cautious if your pink pork has gone dark brown or grey, or if your red meat has turned a greyish brown. These colour changes suggest that the meat has come into contact with air, which at the very least indicates it may be dry and leathery. While technically safe to eat, they will not taste nice.