6 Chocolate Sauce Recipes To Pair With Meat Delicacies

Chocolate is among the most versatile ingredients you can come across. From desserts to meat-based delicacies, it can be paired with anything if you use it the right way. Among a few common ways to pair chocolate with a variety of ingredients is making a batch of sauce out of it.

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In this article, you will learn a few chocolate recipes that pair well with meat-based dishes. This combination might seem weird, but it is a must-try for every meat lover to experience a burst of flavour in each bite. Moreover, this combo is not a new experimental pairing but one that has existed since the ancient era. Know a few more classic and modern chocolate sauce recipes to elevate the taste of your favourite meat-based dish. 

Mole Poblano

If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine, you should try out making mole poblano. Boasting a red-brown hue, the sauce is made using ancho chillies and chocolate. It is either poured over chicken or turkey or served as a base for the meat. The sauce is made using chocolate, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chilli peppers, star anise, cinnamon, and cloves. This sauce infuses more flavours to the meat.

Cocoa Chilli Sauce

Chocolate and chilli are two poles apart ingredients but seem to blend effortlessly. Therefore, this sauce is a perfect pairing with meat-based delicacies. To ace the recipe of this sauce, you will need tomatoes, garlic, cumin, salt, brown sugar, oregano, onions, meat broth, and cocoa powder. The earthy notes of cocoa powder and heat from chillies add to the succulent texture of meat.

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Espresso Chocolate Sauce

If you are a seasoned baker or home chef, you would know that chocolate and coffee are a heavenly blend. The espresso chocolate sauce is an impeccable pairing with roasted meat dishes. For this, you will need to blend brewed espresso, butter, dark chocolate, salt, brown sugar, and heavy cream. 

Chocolate Red Wine Sauce

One of the classic chocolate sauce recipes includes a blend of red wine. The depth of red wine notes and the smooth texture of chocolate make this a classic accompaniment with tender meat cuts. You will need to cook shallots, thyme, dark chocolate, butter, meat broth, black pepper, salt, and garlic together before blending. You will be surprised how this sauce will infuse your meat-based dish with umami flavours. 

Chipotle Chocolate Sauce

Chipotle is known for its smoky and spicy flavours, whereas dark chocolate comes with bitter-sweet notes. Combine the two ingredients with garlic, chicken broth, oregano, onion, salt to taste, and a pinch of cumin powder. You will be surprised by the overall flavours of this sauce and how well they marry with meat-based dishes like pulled pork.

Chocolate Balsamic Glaze

If you love steak or lamb chops, one of the best sauces to pair with them is chocolate balsamic glaze. Made with balsamic vinegar, dark chocolate, garlic, brown sugar, black pepper, and salt, this is a perfect blend of citrus, sweet, spicy, and bitter notes. You can pour it over red meat or even serve it along with a variety of other meat-based dishes.