6 Chilling Millet Smoothies To Beat The Heat
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Imagine sipping on a frosty smoothie under the summer sun—now that’s a recipe for fun! When the heatwaves continue to sizzle up the entire country, it becomes important to keep yourself cool just for survival. And what better way to do that than enjoying some chilling fruity smoothies?

Yes, you can have smoothies late at night, too, when you are in need of a wholesome snack. Combining the goodness of millet, these smoothies become far better than just normal beverages. The addition of millet adds wholesomeness and nutritional benefits, which makes it utterly delicious.

The addition of millet basically means adding millet flour to the smoothie. Basically, the five essential millets, namely Foxtail millets (Korralu), Browntop Millets (Andu korralu), Little millets (Samalu), Kodo millets (Arikalu) and Barnyard millets (Oodalu) are used. You can choose your favourite millet too. And you can also make millet umbili, fermented millet batter, to fill your smoothies with probiotic benefits.

Millet smoothies are incredibly easy to make as all you have to do is blend all the ingredients together along with ice and serve it right away. From fruity to chocolatey, here are some delicious smoothie recipes that’ll help you get a sound sleep.

1) Berry Blast Millet Smoothie

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With a citrusy blast of berries along with a soothing feeling of millet flour and banana, this smoothie is perfect for indulging the flavours of summer. The addition of mixed berries like blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and mulberry gives you a mix of flavours and colours altogether. You can opt for almond milk or any kind of milk suited for you to make it. Also, add some chia seeds to make it more nutritious.

2) Tropical Millet Smoothie

Summer is the best time to savour tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. To make the tropical millet smoothie, combine cooked millet flour, pineapple, mango, banana, coconut water and lime juice in a blender to make a smooth blend. Then, serve this blend in a tall glass with some ice to enjoy chilling.

3) Green Detox Millet Smoothie

Green detox millet smoothie revitalises your body and gives a refreshing aftertaste with lots of nutritional benefits. The main ingredients include leafy greens, hydrating cucumber, avocado, millet flour, and refreshing herbs like mint, dill, and coriander. All the ingredients are blended into a fine smoothie with the addition of water and sweetener, and it is served chilled. Detoxification at night not only wards off the heat but also induces a soothing feeling to help you sleep better.

4) Chocolate Banana Millet Smoothie

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Smoothies cannot go without the classic chocolate flavour. The addition of chocolate to smoothies is perfect to satisfy the cravings for something sweet. To make a chocolate smoothie, start by blending bits of dark chocolate, milk, bananas, millet flour, cocoa powder, peanut butter, vanilla extracts and some honey to create a smooth slurry. Adjust consistency with water and serve it chilled.

5) Peach and Oat Millet Smoothie

Juicy peaches, greek yoghurt, hearty oats and nutty millet blend together to create a satisfying and filling snack option for late night. The addition of citrus fruits like oranges can bring more flavour to it. Also, rolled oats can be added to make it wholesome. If you are not a big fan of peaches, this smoothie blend will definitely change your mind.

6) Cinnamon Apple Millet Smoothie

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The combination of cinnamon and apple can never go wrong. With the mild spicy sweetness of cinnamon and freshness of apple, this smoothie is all you need to quench the hunger and give you a relaxing feeling. The addition of almond butter and maple syrup makes it lip-smackingly good, and topping it with some pomegranate seeds adds the colour pop to make it irresistible.