6 Beverages For Suhoor To Keep You Hydrated All Day Long
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Ramadan is the holy month of the year for Muslims. During this time, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This means they do not eat or drink anything during the daylight hours. Before sunrise, people have a meal called suhoor before they start their fast for the day. At sunset, they break their fast by eating dates and drinking water. Then they gather with family and friends for a meal called iftar. Eid al-Fitr is a celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. 

Suhoor is important for several reasons. This meal provides the body with important nutrients and energy to get through the long and intense fast during daylight hours. Going without food and drink for 15+ hours can be quite challenging, so suhoor helps fuel the body and mind. Eating a wholesome, balanced meal gives you the power to stay active, productive and worshipful throughout the day.    

Juices or smoothies are a great option for Suhoor, as they provide hydration from the liquid content as well as nutrients from the fruits, veggies, and dairy. This will help you feel energised and prevent dehydration or headaches later in the day during the fast when you can't drink anything. Fruits like pineapple, watermelon, mango, oranges, grapefruit have high water content. Lemons contain electrolytes that replenish what your body loses through sweat. Almond milk also helps to hydrate the body. The natural water in almond milk replenishes fluids and electrolytes.  

Try out these six juice and smoothie recipes for the next suhoor meal.  

Watermelon Mint Cooler  

Make this yummy drink! Blend watermelon and mint leaves. Squeeze in lime juice. Add a little honey for sweetness. Chill it up. This drink tastes so good! It's sweet from watermelon and mint. The lime makes it taste fresh. Drink it cold for a refreshing treat!  

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Dates Almond Smoothie  

Dates are a special fruit during Ramadan. Their sweet taste and energy can be enjoyed in a tasty, healthy smoothie. Blend creamy yoghurt, almond milk, soaked dates, cinnamon, and almonds. This smooth, nourishing drink is perfect for Suhoor.  

Mango Lassi  

Blending sweet mangoes with creamy yoghurt and a hint of cardamom, cools you down on a hot day. Simply mix ripe mangoes, yoghurt, milk, cardamom, and honey in a blender. Serve it chilled and enjoy this refreshing mango treat at Suhoor!  

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Rose Lemonade  

Sip a delicate rose lemonade at Suhoor and feel refreshed all day long. The floral rose water mixes with lemon juice and sweet sugar for a refreshing drink. Serve it chilled. An elegant glass of this drink should help maintain the hydration of the body throughout the fasting time. 

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Citrus Sunrise Punch  

Wake up to a tasty drink at Suhoor! Mix orange juice, grapefruit juice, and lemon juice. The citrus flavours will make your senses happy and give you a boost of energy. Add some grenadine syrup to make it pink and sweet. Top it off with orange slices and mint leaves. This sunshine punch will start your day, right?  

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Pineapple Coconut Cooler  

Beat the heat this Ramadan with a refreshing pineapple and coconut drink. The sweet pineapple and creamy coconut flavours will help you cool down on hot days. Blend pineapple, coconut milk, lime, and ice for a creamy, tropical treat. Top with pineapple and serve.