5 Yummy Arbi Dishes You Must Try For Dinner
Image Credit: Unsplash

Arbi's nutty and sweet flavour allows it to be transformed into a variety of delightful meals, including Indian-style sabzis, snacks, and certain Western treats. Its delicate, pillowy flesh also aids in the creation of several intriguing meals. Aside from its delicious flavour and texture, arbi has a number of health benefits due to its high fibre and antioxidant content, which aids in weight loss and immunity. Arbi may not be as well-known as its popular cousins such as aloo or gobhi, but it may compete in terms of flexibility. There are numerous arbi dishes you can attempt at home that make the most of this lively vegetable. They are very simple to prepare and delicious. Here’s a list of some of the best recipes you can make using arbi for your dinner.

1. Arbi Curry

It is true that with a little thought and ingenuity, you can produce the most spectacular yet basic recipes with an interesting twist. Just like this Arbi Sabji, is cooked from a lesser-known but extremely nutritious and flavorful produce provided by Mother Nature. This Arbi Recipe, also known as Ghuiya ki Sabji, is delicately spiced and the simplest way to add variety to your ordinary meals. Here's the recipe.

2. Arbi Fry

Arbi fry is made by boiling and then stir-frying with seasonings. This stir-fry is delicious with dal and roti. Arbi is a starchy vegetable, so pan fry it first to make it brown and crisp, but you can cook it as you like. If you don't mind it being brown, just omit the pan frying. The best aspect about this recipe is that it requires few ingredients and can be prepared at any moment. Check the recipe.

3. Sukhi Arbi Sabzi

Sookhi arbi sabzi, also known as Ghuiya ki Sabii, is a popular dish in North India. If you're fasting for Navratri or another festival, pair this vrat wali arbi sabji with Kuttu poori, singhara atta paratha, kuttu paratha, Raigiri ka paratha, or any other dish of your choosing. If you want to have this arbi sabzi on a non-fasting day, serve it with any chapati, paratha, poori, or other Indian bread. Along with lentils, rice, and roti, it is a mainstay in most Indian households.

4. Arbi Kofta

Arbi kofta is a yummy take on a healthy vegetable. It is usually made during the fasting season but you can make this all year round. Why? Because it is simply so delicious you won’t be able to take your hands off it. Serve it with chapati or any other flatbread of your choice that you may prefer. It will become your family favourite. Here's the recipe.

5. Arbi Tikka Masala

Taking things a notch higher, we have arbi tikka masala. This dish is everything you could ask for. It is flavourful, spicy, and filling. This recipe gives the homely taste and everything that you would want from an Indian dish. Serve it with roti, naan or any other bread. You simply cannot go wrong with this dish. Try this recipe.