5 Yummy And Fruity Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches To Make At Home
Image Credit: Glen India

If you love snacking on chocolate then we are sure you are no stranger to grilled chocolate sandwiches. Eating a bar of chocolate may be fun, but it is never as filling as a grilled chocolate sandwich, is it? The best bit is that grilled chocolate sandwiches don’t just taste of chocolates, but also of any other ingredients you may want to pair with the chocolates—and the options here are limitless to be honest. So, if you do enjoy grilled chocolate sandwiches then you should definitely try making some with Glen’s Contact Grill 3037

Glen’s Contact Grill 3037 is just the modern kitchen appliance you need for the best sandwich experience, especially when it comes to grilled chocolate sandwiches. This is because Glen’s Contact Grill 3037 has two durable and heavy-duty non-stick plates that have a 180-degree opening. This will ensure perfect grilling and minimum mess when you make those scrumptious grilled chocolate sandwiches. 

The product’s thermostat knob can help you get the perfect grill marks on the grilled chocolate sandwiches. Its oil collection dray dispenses of any excess fat as well, making your grilled chocolate sandwiches not only delicious but also quite healthy. So, what are you waiting for? Just give Glen’s Contact Grill 3037 a try. 

Wondering which grilled chocolate sandwiches will work the best for you? Here are five fruit and nuts infused grilled chocolate sandwich varieties you can try out with Glen Contact Grill 3037

Banana Chocolate Sandwich

Bananas are naturally sweet and make for the best pairing with dark chocolate as well as nuts like almonds and cashews. To make a banana chocolate sandwich, all you need to do is place banana slices on a slice of bread, sprinkle some chopped almonds and cashews, and top it all with molten dark chocolate. Cover with another slice of bread and grill to perfection in Glen’s Contact Grill 3037. 

Snickers Chocolate Sandwich

The three predominant flavours in a Snickers bar come from peanuts, caramel and milk chocolate—and that’s all you need to make Snickers Chocolate Sandwiches in your Glen Contact Grill 3037. What you should do is dry roast and shell the peanuts and then crush them slightly. Mix these peanuts with molten milk chocolate and caramel and stuff it between two slices of bread. Grill these sandwiches and you can enjoy the taste of Snickers in sandwich form. 

Strawberry Chocolate Sandwich 

Strawberries are the perfect blend of tart and sweet, and taste amazing with dark chocolate. So, to make Strawberry Chocolate Sandwiches in Glen’s Contact Grill 3037, you first need to get fresh and juicy strawberries and slice them up. Place these slices on a bread slice, top with molten chocolate or even Nutella, cover with another slice of bread and grill until golden brown. 

Peach Chocolate Sandwich 

Peaches are the best stone fruits to enjoy in sandwich form. What you need to do is slice some peaches and grill them until they caramelize a bit. Place these grilled peaches on a bread slice, top with milk chocolate and another slice of bread, and grill the Peach Chocolate Sandwich in Glen’s Contact Grill 3037. Be careful with this one as caramelized peach can make the sandwich slightly mushy if overcooked. 

Raspberry Chocolate Sandwich

When in season or bought fresh, raspberries are tart, sweet and utterly juicy—and they pair really well with white chocolate. So, making a Raspberry Chocolate Sandwich can provide you with a quick white chocolate cake taste. Place the halved raspberries in a large bowl with molten white chocolate and mix well. This will also give you a marble-like colour. Now, place the raspberry-chocolate mix between two slices of bread and grill to perfection in Glen’s Contact Grill 3037.