5 Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Peanuts During Winter Season
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Winter is the time to enjoy a lot of seasonal food that is delicious and undoubtedly addictive. One such addictive snack is peanuts which are abundantly available during the winter season. It is crunchy, and salty and has a buttery texture of its own. Peanuts are not just good in taste but also very nutritious to eat, especially in the winter season. There are so many ways to make peanuts a part of your regular delicious food. Today we will take you through five delightful ways you can make peanuts a part of your diet. All of these recipes are very different from each other and bring out various flavours of peanuts. 

* Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate 

If you want to enhance the flavour of your hot chocolate, then you can add a spoonful of peanut butter inside it. Instead of buying peanut butter from outside you can simply make it at home. All you need is a bit of honey and some peanuts. Blend both of these in a blender for five minutes. You will see a creamy mixture in the end. This is your homemade peanut butter that you can add to your hot chocolate. It is an indulgent and classic drink that you can try making at home.

* Roasted Peanuts 

Roasted peanuts are already a very famous winter snack. We often buy back the market versions of roasted peanuts and snack on them throughout the winter. Instead of buying this from outside, try making your roasted peanuts at home. All you need to do is just take some peanuts and roast them in a pan without any ghee or butter. Now sprinkle some salt and other spices of your choice on the top of the peanuts. You can simply add some black pepper and salt for the most enhanced yet subtle flavours.

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* Peanut Soup

You can prepare this soup at home with just a handful of other ingredients. This is a very warm and soulful soup that is prepared by blending roasted peanuts with vegetables in some simple spices. This is a very thick and creamy soup, which is very comforting during the cold season. Take some water and add a blended mixture of vegetables of your choice. This can be carrots, tomatoes, or even broccoli. Now prepare a thick paste of peanut by adding some spices and salt in the mixture. Add this inside your soup and now mix the spices of your choice. Your delicious and creamy peanut soup is ready.

* Peanut Gajak

Peanut Gajak or brittle is a flavourful and warm snack made out of peanuts. This can be a perfect winter dessert and also has a very long shelf life so you can store it out the season. It is made by mixing roasted peanuts into caramelised sugar along with some other flavouring condiments like cardamon and fennel seeds. All of this mixture is then laid out on a flat tray and left to dry for some time. This mixture gets hard very easily after which you can break it into small pieces and enjoy it for yourself.

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* Peanut And Vegetable Stir-Fry

Peanut and vegetable stir fry is a very flavourful dish that is prepared by tossing peanuts with a handful of vegetables together. These vegetables can be bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, onions and any other vegetable of your choice. Now add lots of roasted peanuts to your dish. You can then add some soya sauce and spices to get a nutritious flavour. It is a delicious and vibrant meal that is full of crunchy vegetables in peanuts along with an array of flavours.

* Peanut Idli

This is an updated version of your regular Idli. After steaming your Idli, break it into small pieces and fry it with some vegetables and a bowl of peanuts. You can take some finely chopped onions, cabbage and baby corn. Fry peanuts and vegetables first and then add your small Idli pieces. Add spices of your choice and make it as spicy as you like it. This is an Idli version of fried rice and you will surely enjoy it a lot. If you are tired of eating the regular simple Idli then this is a recipe that is going to change the way that you look at idli. 

These are some exciting peanut recipes that you can try making at home. This is the perfect time to enjoy as many peanuts as you want and smartly include them in a lot of recipes to make them extra flavourful.