5 Weird Dishes That People Make With Maggi Noodles
Image Credit: Unsplash

Maggi is an instant noodle that has embraced the Indian flavours with it’s delicious spice mix. From spicy garlic maggi noodles to manchurian maggi noodles, the noodles already have some, different flavour options that one can choose from. However, people unleashed their experimental selves and went all in with Maggi. This resulted in various creations, some of which are really delicious and some are really strange and shocking.

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Maggi, with its humble beginnings as a quick and convenient meal option, has evolved into an ingredient that defies expectations and is incorporated into dishes which has resulted in strange and unimaginable recipes. From breakfast to midnight snacks, and even fine-dining adaptations, Maggi's transformation has been a testament to the culinary traditions in the modern age. 

However, here are some of the Maggi recipes that are so strange that it will make you think about who came up with these ideas and are they even edible.

Maggi kheer

Kheer a dish which is generally made with rice is now made with maggi due to some experimental individuals. This dish has the same ingredients as every Kheer recipe like milk, cardamom powder, etc just the rice is replaced with maggi noodles, however, the maggi noodles’ spice mix is not included in this dish. Which is sure a relief, cause the amalgamation of savoury and sweet surely would have been more strange even to the taste buds. 

Maggi golgappa

Maggi Golgappa, a surprising fusion of street food and comfort cuisine. Picture this: the crispy golgappa shell filled with a delightful mixture of Maggi noodles, spices, and the savoury goodness you love. It's a unique marriage of flavours, where the tangy explosion of golgappa meets the familiar comfort of Maggi. This strange dish is a culinary adventure that defies expectations, proving that creativity knows no bounds in the world of gastronomy.

Maggi milkshake

Maggi milkshake is a strange concoction made by blending cooked spicy maggi with milk. This dish is again a contrasting dish having both sweet and savoury elements. As per the viral video this dish is served in a milkshake glass mug and is topped off with tiny bits of carrots and peas for the veggie twist. This dish is extremely creamy and soggy in texture, and moreover, with it’s contrasting taste, not everyone is a fan of it.

Oreo maggi

Oreo Maggi, is a culinary oddity that merges the beloved comfort food, Maggi noodles, with the iconic chocolatey delight, Oreo cookies. This unconventional concoction challenges taste buds with its contrasting textures and flavours. Imagine the familiar Maggi aroma combined with the unexpected crunch of Oreo bits, creating a sweet and savoury fusion that defies culinary norms. A peculiar delight or a questionable experiment.

Bharwa mirch maggi

Bharwa mirch or stuffed chilli peppers is usually a dish from north India where long thick chilies are stuffed with delicious spice mixed with besan and then fried. In this version of Maggi Bharwa Mirch, the Besan is replaced with cooked maggi in it’s packaged spice mix. There is another version of this dish too where shimla mirch or bell peppers is stuffed with maggi instead of a soya mixture. The dish is not extremely strange but is surely one of the unexpected versions of maggi that can be made by someone.

Maggi ladoo

Maggi laddu, yes you heard it right a sweet ladoo made out of maggi. This peculiar dish showcases maggi with jaggery, nuts, cardamom, etc. There can be a savoury version of this too, but it will be maggi pakora then, instead of ladoo. This dish resembles the ladoos like Sesame ladoo or the famous Murir moa from West Bengal, but the incorporation of maggi into this just takes it to a strange and unexpected twist.