5 Ways To Turn Overripe Strawberries Into Delicious Food

We have just bidden adieu to the winter months, and with that the season of strawberries has also gotten over. The delicious, aromatic and nutritious fruit makes its way into our fridge during winters and stays in our hearts forever. As we have already welcomed the spring season, strawberry vendors are trying their best to clear out their stock. We are now eager to relish the season’s residue produce until next year. However, in this process, we end up buying impulsively resulting in those sad, mushy strawberries sitting at the bottom of the packets trying to make their way to our plates. However, they eventually find their place only in the trash can. So, to save them from this, we bring you five ways to use overripe strawberries.

1. Make A Bottle Of Jam

Make those strawberries find their way into your breakfast tables by making a flavourful jam with them. Use this jam with bread for breakfast and you’ll keep asking for more.

2. Bake A Pie

Strawberry pies have kept us hooked on to them no matter what. The crispy exterior along with the flavourful strawberry filling is enough to make someone drool in the first bite itself.

3. Strawberry Compote

Still finding a way to jazz up those cakes and cupcakes? Well, when will you use those mushy strawberries if not now to make a strawberry compote to top your cakes? Try the recipe below to make strawberry compote at home and let us know how you like it.

4. Vinaigrettes

The acid flavour profile of overripe or mushy strawberries makes them perfect to be incorporated into a vinaigrette. And who doesn’t love the flavour of strawberries in a salad?

5. Popsicles

Although a little early now, we cannot say no to popsicles. The icy pops are enough to take you down memory lane and remind you of your childhood days of licking popsicles while playing with friends. Use up those overripe strawberries and make some icy popsicles to relish.