5 Ways To Creatively Use Mulberries This Summer
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Mulberries or shehtoot as they're called in India are a type of juicy and sweet berries that are abundantly found in India and other South Asian countries during the summer season. These are typically black to purple and can also be found in the red variety. Mulberries can be classified as a superfood as they are rich in different types of antioxidants, minerals like potassium and magnesium as well as iron. 

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Taste-wise mulberries are generally a mixture of sweet flavour and tanginess and have a little bit of sour flavour as well. Although these are pretty delicious on their own, there are a lot of innovative ways through which one can introduce mulberries into their day-to-day routine. Here are some mulberry-inspired recipes that one should try making at home.

* Mulberry Cooler

If someone is bored of drinking regular coolers made from mint leaves and cucumbers, then making something from mulberries is going to change one's perception about homemade coolers. Mulberries help add a citrusy and sweet punch of flavour to different types of drinks. 

The best part is that since the flavour of mulberries is so multilayered, it helps in adding so much depth to the drink. Other ingredients that have to be added include a little bit of water, some lime juice and ice cubes along with mint leaves. As one can tell, all of these ingredients are very light, fresh and perfectly hydrating for summers.

* Mulberry Pie

Just like baking some apple pie during winter is a tradition for a lot of families, making mulberry pies in summer can be a new addition to the list of family traditions. During summers, one has to carefully choose what ingredients they add to their desserts as the stomach gets upset pretty quickly and can lead to problems like indigestion. 

Adding ingredients like mulberries can make so much of a difference as it is easier to digest and also beneficial for health. The pie is made by making a batter of all-purpose flour, baking powder, two eggs, melted butter, milk, mulberry pulp and some baking soda. This has to be baked in the microwave for 25 minutes until they turn golden brown and the final step is to sprinkle some powdered sugar on the top.

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* Breakfast Smoothie

The only way to keep breakfast exciting and skip the morning mundanity is to keep introducing different types of fruits in one's breakfast smoothie. Now bananas and apples are everyone's favourite and a safe option. However, mulberries have a unique and refreshing flavour of their own that is suitable for summer. Other condiments that can be added to the drink are frozen bananas, protein powder, honey, and a little bit of milk. The combination of all these ingredients is going to make the most delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie. If one likes adding dry fruits and seeds in their smoothies then this addition can also be done.

* Mulberry And Apple Chutney

Mulberry and apple chutney is a tangy and sweet chutney that is a must-try during summer. One can get the most plump and sweet varieties of mulberries in summer that are perfect for making a nice chutney. To make this chutney, one has to take some olive oil in a pan and then sauté some onions in the oil. After this, pieces of apples have to be added to the pan and slowly caramelised. 

The next step is to add chopped mulberries, apple cider vinegar, honey, chilli flakes, and some grated ginger. Everything has to be slowly cooked until the mixture becomes mushy and starts slowly melting. After everything has been cooked properly, the mixture must be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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* Mulberry Margarita 

Mulberry margarita is a refreshing, satisfying, and highly addictive beverage that one needs to try. One thing that everyone should know about mulberries is that they taste extremely good when added to different types of cocktails and mocktails. One has to muddle some mulberries along with sugar and basil leaves. Now the mixture has to be combined with club soda, tequila, and lemon juice. One should also add a lot of ice cubes just before serving the drink. If one wants to go extra creative, then adding some slices of mangoes to the drink can also elevate the flavour of the drink.