5 Useful Grilling Tips Every Beginner Must Know

Grilling has recently gained a huge popularity. This method of cooking is fast, dry and quick. Be it a barbecue, or grilling over the heat, this process is easy and has a very little loss of nutrients. From barbecue chicken to roasted zucchini, grilling method has something for everyone. You can plan a small get-together on weekends with family and friends and treat them with delicious grilled recipes. 

Basically, grilling is a method that uses intense heat for cooking which is radiated by an electrical element, gas flame or glowing charcoal. The source can be above or below the food. The direct heat quickly cooks the food giving it a robust flavour and smoky taste along with a nice crust. But grilling can be a risky task if you are a beginner. One must follow all the safety rules before using this cooking method. 

Here are five tips every beginner must know about grilling: 

Preheat The Grill 

If you have an oven your kitchen, then you definitely know the importance of preheating. Grills also needs to be preheated before cooking in order to get better result. Putting items on the grill before preheating will produce a gassy smell in the food. 

Let Your Meat Rest Before Grilling 

Never grill any cold food, specially meat just after taking out from the fridge. Let it rest on the counter for at least thirty-minutes before cooking. Grilling a cold meat will make it dry and it won’t cook evenly. It is also advised to rest the meat for a few minutes after removing it from the grill to make it tender and juicier. 

Add Sauce To Meat At The End Of Grilling 

If you have a plan of adding sauce or glaze to your meat always do it in the last five minutes of cooking. As adding the sauce too early can burn the food that can stick to the grill. It is also recommended not to move the food around the grill too much while cooking. 

Do Not Forget Oiling 

Just like any pan, grills also require oiling. Though a very little quantity is enough but it is important to prevent the food from sticking. Therefore, before starting to cook lather up a paper towel with oil and rub it properly all over the grate. You can use any kind of cooking oil. 

Clean Your Grill Properly 

Grills are an expensive kitchen equipment that needs to be taken care properly. It is important to clean it by following the instructions given in the booklet. The best way is to scrub the rack with a wire brush to get rid of any leftovers. If there are any burnt food sticked to the grills, remove it carefully. 

Follow these tips and master the grill.