5 Unique Ways To Jazz Up A Boring Bowl Of Peanuts

During the winter season, have you ever found yourself at a point when you hate the idea of eating anything apart from peanuts? This little snack is irresistible all year round though, but there’s something about the nippy, cold weather. And in India, peanuts are often dry-roasted in streets to entice pedestrians with the aroma, and then wrapped in a newspaper for easy packaging. A packet of roasted peanuts is one of the bestselling snacks for easy munching. You may also add a hint of extra flavour to them. Here are 5 ways to jazz up a bowl of peanuts! 

1. Mango Powder And Chaat Masala 

Photo: Indivar Kaushik

No one would have told you this, but the mind-boggling combination of mango powder (aamchur) along with chaat masala can titillate tastebuds like nothing else! You can actually enjoy mango powder on a variety of snacks such as makhana and cashews too, so why not peanuts?  

2. Milk chocolate  

Here’s a snack your kids may not have tried before. Once in a while, you can go easy on the rules. It’s okay to spoil your children with delicious chocolate-coated peanuts! Pro tip: you can try mixing and matching with white chocolate peanuts. Also, isn’t it the best way to make them reap some health benefits of peanuts too? 

3. Lime Juice And Chilli Powder 

Thinking of making a chaat? Well, wouldn’t you rather celebrate the mighty peanut just this one time? Just mix together some peanuts, lime juice and chilli powder alongside diced tomatoes and chillis for an excellent snack!  

4. Taco 

Yes, this is a Mexican-style peanut mix. Just combine diced avocado and taco seasoning along with peanuts, and you got yourself a winner.  

5. Cinnamon 

Photo: Diana Polekhina

This is one of the most delicious ways to enjoy peanuts. Cinnamon on peanuts makes total sense, if you are a fan of the warm spice, and want to see it on everything.  

Which one of these ideas do you love the most?