5 Unique Ways To Have Coconut In Your Breakfast
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Coconuts make an immense contribution in giving delicious flavours and textures in many Thai, South, Indian, Continental and Malabar recipes. This food is rampantly used in Indian and Pacific cuisines to make several dishes. Today we will discuss some breakfast recipes that can be made with the help of coconut easily at home. These are some spectacular ideas to make coconut part of your everyday diet and introduce your family members to a whole new world of breakfast options.

* Rice And Coconut Appam

This is a very light breakfast option and quite popular in the Southern part of India. This is made by blending soak the rice and chopped coconut with sugar, salt and some yeast. Everything is mashed properly and then you have to let the mixture sit in the kitchen overnight. Then make small balls out of the batter and cook it on the pan or you can even fry it if you want. You can also choose to just cook the whole mixture with some oil if you don't want to make small balls out of it. It is a very fulfilling and appetising breakfast option. You have to devote 10 minutes to the pre-preparation of this dish and just give five minutes to cook it the next morning. It is also a great option to use your leftover rice.

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* Coconut Milk Porridge 

Coconut milk porridge is another delicious and light breakfast option that you can make at home. You can give your regular porridge an extra kick by adding some shredded coconut pieces to it. You can also make the same recipe by using oats or vermicelli. You can add some vanilla essence to give it a delectable flavour and top everything up with some nuts, dry fruits and berries. It is a healthy breakfast option and you can easily substitute it for sugar-loaded cereals at home. Instead of adding sugar, you can add some honey or jaggery to give your porridge some sweetness.

* Coconut Granola

The coconut granola bar is another healthy breakfast option that you can make with the help of some sunflower seeds, pecans, walnuts, almonds, and shredded coconut. This granola bar can be your go-to breakfast option, especially when you are running short on time. You can also use coconut oil instead of butter to make this granola bar. It is also a healthy snacking option that has many nutrients and healthy fats. You can also add some almond butter or peanut butter to make this bar more delicious.

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* Raw Banana And Coconut Kachori

If you want to enjoy something delicious for breakfast, then you can try some coconut kachoris. We all have heard of coconut idlis, but very seldom do we come across something as rare as a coconut kachori. This kachori’s outside is made from rice flour, chilli paste, and raw bananas. The filling is indulgent and is made with some grated coconut, ground nuts, reasons, curry, leaves, chillies, lime juice, and coriander leaves. You can have it with a flavoured dip made of yoghurt and some other flavour and condiments to make it a proper meal.

* Banana Coconut Idli

This Idli recipe is a rich South Indian dish that is full of appetising flavours of banana and coconut. All you have to do is make your regular Idli batter and then add some mashed bananas, jaggery powder and cardamom powder to the mixture. Now steam does Idli batter in an Idli tree. Prepare a coconut Chutney simultaneously by using some coconut sauce, coconut milk and jaggery powder. Serve it hot to guests or family members and enjoy this sweet banana Idli with your savoury coconut chutney. 

All of these recipes are very light and delightful in flavour. They're all healthy options and can easily replace your regular unhealthy breakfast options. Also, when you start cooking these foods at home, you will realise that they're quite easy to make.