5 Unique And Innovative Ways To Use A Mixer Grinder
Image Credit: Glen India

As the culture where making sauces, grinding spices and making batters are common cooking practices in the kitchen, having an effective mixer grinder to help make the process smoother and faster. Besides the practical uses that this kitchen equipment is known widely for, having a mixer grinder that is sturdy can be used for purposes other than the obvious. Glen’s Mixer Grinder – that comes with three stainless steel jars for various purposes, are designed for the purpose of durability. Its rust-free steel blades help with manipulating the texture of your food to the desired consistency, without leaving any lumps and enabling a homogenous texture.

Mincing Meat

Small quantities of chicken, mutton or shrimp can be minced rather effectively in a mixer grinder – ideal for kheema curries, cutlets, kebabs and more. Using a grinder jar and adding small portions of cooked or raw meat to be shredded or minced, cuts down the time you would typically spend at a butcher shop or at home, while meal prepping. Vegetarians could also speed up the process of grating paneer or soya chunks to add to their meals by giving their vegetarian protein a quick blitz, before it is ready to cook.

Whipping Cream

Although not usual or typical, using your mixer grinder jar to whip a portion of cream into soft or stiff peaks can come in handy. Whether you want to put finishing touches to dessert, or simply serve berries and cream for two, after dinner – the mixer can effectively incorporate air into heavy cream, and give it an evenly fluffy consistency with a light mouthfeel. You could also use freshly whipped cream to top up your glass of iced coffee or mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter evening.

Powder Sugar

If you want to dust some snow white sugar over fresh doughnuts or French toast, or use it to make icing – powdered sugar is the best way to incorporate sweeteners while baking or cooking. The chutney jar with its powerful blades, facilitates the pulverising of even the smallest granules, giving you a smooth-to-touch cup of sugar that you can store for later or use immediately in confections and bakes.

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Make Pastes

Need to make an all-natural face pack? Or want to prepare an aromatic Thai curry paste for dinner? Tongue-tickling pastes, bursting with flavour can be made possible, all thanks to Glen’s Mixer Grinder – which allows you to grind ingredients to the finest possible texture, breaking down fibres and tough ingredients to a smooth, lump-less consistency – allowing you to extract and impart maximum flavour to your food.

Dosa Batter

Contrary to popular belief, deliciously airy dosa batter can be made using a mixer grinder; while of course, the volume might be considerably lesser than what a stone grinder would yield, making small quantities of batter are always compromised, as a result. Using a mixer grinder allows one to make a fresh batch as and when is needed, without having to deal with the hassle of storage or using it up before it sours. Moreover, batters for cheela or pessarettu can also be made in a mixer grinder, for quick and easy breakfasts to start the day!