5 Types Of Sizzlers To Try For A Finger-Licking Good Weekend
Image Credit: Freepik

In everyone's fast-paced lives, the sound of “Today is Friday” is as melodious as your favourite song. Since people are so busy catching their breath trying to keep up with the rat race, there’s hardly any time to sit back, relax, and enjoy food. But that’s what you can reserve your weekends for.

If you’re someone who craves something special every weekend, you might run out of ideas to try. But don’t worry; the best way to curb the weekend craving is to indulge in a sizzler with assorted flavours all arranged on a single plate. So, what are you looking for? Read on and explore the best sizzlers you can try to have a finger-licking good weekend.

Chinese Sizzler

Don’t you just love the assorted Chinese dishes served on a hot plate? If so, the Chinese sizzler can be your go-to option for the weekend. Served with stir-fried vegetables like broccoli, baby corn, bell pepper, and onions, you can enjoy this sizzler with a mix of sauces like chilli sauce, soy sauce, hot and sweet sauce, and many more. With a side of fried rice or chow mien, you can relish some of your Chinese snacks like Manchurian, chilly potato, spring rolls, etc.

Paneer Tikka Sizzler

The paneer tikka sizzler is one of the most popular sizzlers, especially in India. Even though the star of the hot plate is the grilled paneer tikka, the stir-fried vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, onions etc, add some crunch to the plate. The paneer tikka sizzler is usually served with a range of bite-sized snacks like grilled mushrooms, soya chaap, kebabs, and more. Apart from the snacks, you’ll also get to enjoy various finger-licking chutneys.

Indian Sizzler

If you’re someone who likes to taste small portions of the best food options, the sizzlers are just right for you. You should go for the Indian sizzler that features flavourful biryani served with a variety of meat and vegetarian kebabs. The Indian sizzler also has a drool-worthy raita that pairs perfectly with the spicy profile of biryani. You can also enjoy the side of chopped vegetable salad sitting on a little corner of the sizzler. 

Taco Sizzler

For people who like to try continental food on the weekends, a taco sizzler will be a good choice. The taco sizzler features Mexican food like Mexican rice, guacamole, beans, and tortilla chips with a tangy serving of salsa. You can also enjoy the side of grilled vegetables and stir-fried black beans with chopped vegetable salad.

Brownie Sizzler

To end the list on a sweet note, there’s nothing better than a brownie sizzler. The hot plate of brownie sizzler features gooey chocolate, a mouth-melting brownie, and a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. The balance between a warm brownie piece and ice cream is truly impeccable. To make the sizzler even more indulgent, the hot plate is usually garnished with whipped cream and chopped dry fruits and nuts.