5 Types Of Pies You Can Try To Make Your Weekend Extra Special
Image Credit: Unsplash

After the monotonous schedule of working from Monday to Friday, sticking to the usual 9 to 5, everyone would need recreational activity to get the happy hormones rushing in. And what’s a better and more fulfilling experience than baking? As therapeutic as the baking process can get, eating the utterly delicious treats is satisfying to another level.

If weekends are the only time you can get out for yourself, you should definitely try your hands on baking a pie. Not only would you love the creative process of making a pie out of the raw ingredients, but the mouth-melting fillings and the crunchy crust will sweep you off your feet. So, get your apron on and get baking one of your favourite-flavoured pies.

Mango Pie

The summer season gives the mango pie an edge. If you want your pie to have a summer flavour profile, you should definitely make a mango pie. While the naturally sweet fruit will give the filling a juicy and fruity profile, the flaky crust will perfectly complement the sweetness. To give the pie a more tropical vibe, you can garnish the freshly baked pie with coconut shavings and whipped cream.

Blueberry Pie

If you’re baking pie for the first time, try making the classic blueberry pie that has won millions of hearts. The buttery crust of the pie and the tarty berries make a dessert that you really should try. Just ensure that you are prebaking the crust before adding the blueberry filling to prevent it from getting soggy. For a deeper flavour, don’t forget to add a little squeeze of lemon juice and cinnamon sticks to the blueberry filling.

Chocolate Pie

Chocolate pie is a safe option for people who are all hearts for chocolate desserts. Being a versatile ingredient, chocolate has the power to make any dessert indulgent. To make a chocolate pie, apart from the usual ingredients, add cocoa powder to the crust batter. After you have prebaked the crust, you can make a mouth-drooling filling with whipped cream, melted chocolate, and some chocolate chunks.

Pecan Pie

If you want to get a festive vibe, you no longer have to wait for the calendar to turn; you can just bake a pecan pie on a fine weekend. The pecan pie has a crunchy crust and a chewy filling that can give you an indulgent experience. And all you need to make the buttery filling is chopped pecans mixed in eggs, corn syrup, sugar, and some butter.

Cranberry Apple Pie

For people who love to have a fruity filling for pies, cranberry apple can be the go-to option. Made with tarty cranberries and sweet apples, the cranberry apple pie is extremely juicy with a fruity profile. After adding the rich filling to a prebaked crust, you can also line the dough on top of the filling to give the pie an extra layer of crunch.