5 Types Of Lava Cakes For You To Indulge In
Image Credit: Food Fanatics/facebook

Cakes have always been an essential part of our celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday or your promotion, cutting cake signifies that you have achieved a major milestone. These sweet delights are available in numerous varieties with uncountable types of icing. Some of the popular varieties of cakes are chocolate, red velvet, fruit, vanilla, black forest, and strawberry.

But chocolate lava cake has a separate fan base among dessert lovers. It is a unique chocolate cake with a molten centre. Originating in France as fondant au chocolat, lava cake seems like magic when you try it for the first time. Till now, you might have relished the traditional choco lava cake multiple times, but have you ever tried experimenting with the flavours? 

If not, then here are five lava cake flavours you can enjoy beyond your regular ones:

Lemon Lava Cake

If you love a little tartness in your dessert, then this cake is definitely perfect for you. Filled with bright white chocolate and lemon curd, this gorgeous yellow cake tastes absolutely divine. To make your delicious lemon lava cake, simply replace the chocolatey ingredients with lemon curd and zest.

Red Velvet Lava Cake

No other cake is more attractive than the red velvet cake. Is there anyone who can resist tasting it when they see one in front of them? Red velvet is also perfect for a romantic date. Then why not try a lava cake version? The recipe is super easy and incredibly delicious. Made with white chocolate and cream cheese frosting, it is perfect for every occasion.

Strawberry Lava Cake

Strawberry desserts are popularly considered a show-stopper. Almost every type of cake is available in strawberry flavour. Made within thirty minutes, this lava cake is no fuss and is unbelievably luscious and flavourful. Each bite of this sweet and tender cake with a lava centre is packed with a smooth flavour that just melts in the mouth.

Salted Caramel Lava Cake

Why go for the traditional sweet flavours when you can give a salty caramel touch to your lava cakes? Made with semisweet chips, espresso powder, and caramel sauce, this lava cake releases a mouth-melting, creamy flavour in the first bite itself. This ‘not-too-sweet’ dessert can go well even after a family dinner.

White Chocolate Lava Cake

White chocolate is equally as delicious as dark chocolate. Every chocolate dessert can have a whiter version, and so can your lava cake. With an irresistible white chocolate centre, this beautiful dessert is deliciously soft and fluffy. It is made with very few ingredients but can make you ask for more.

Each of these lava cakes tastes amazing; make sure you try all of them and tell us which one is your favourite.