5 Sweet Indian Flatbreads That You Should Be Enjoying

Have you ever wondered how many flatbreads our Indian cuisine offers? There's no point of wrack your brains, because there are countless of them. From sweet to savoury you just name it, and we have it. We have all enjoyed phulkas, parathas, naan, tandoor roti with our sumptuous gravies. Needless to say, that they have impressed us each time. But how about adding a tinge of sweet to your mains? No we aren't asking you to start pairing your rotis with desserts. We are talking about sweet rotis itself. We have curated a special list of Indian flatbreads that have impressed connoisseurs with its inimitable sweetness. 

1. Sheermal

Sheermal belongs to the Awadhi cuisine and has Persian roots to it as well. The flatbread came into existence during the heydays of the Mughal period. Sheermal loosely translates to 'milk and rich’, is a delicate bread which is flavoured with milk and saffron, giving it an impressive layer of flavours.

2. Khamiri Roti

Much like Sheermal, Khamiri Roti also has Mughal connections. Since Mughals had a penchant for piquant gravies and curries, they often used to pair these sweet breads to go with the dishes. In Khamiri roti, the primary ingredient is ‘khamir’ or also known as yeast, which gives the flatbread its peculiar tangy fermented flavour. The addition of sugar balances the overall taste of the khamiri roti, making it a delightful treat.

3. Meethi Koki

It can be dubbed as a close cousin of paratha, due to its texture and shape. But it is a lot crispier and tastier (if we may say so). This Sindhi flatbread is known for its flavourful combination of spicy and sweet. Traditionally, meethi koki is made from wheat flour (atta), sugar, and cardamom powder which is then roasted on tawa with a dollop of desi ghee. The richness of this sweet flatbread will surely make you want more.

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4. Puran Poli

Puran Poli hails from the region of Maharashtra. It is a sweet flatbread which is essentially made from only two elements. First is the mishmash of lentils which is prepared from the soaked split chickpeas (chana dal), that is flavoured with aromatic spices; second is the white sugar. This toothsome stuffing is then snuck inside the maida-based bread. Then this wholesome flatbread is cooked in ghee, making every bit of it oh-so irresistible.

5. Poi/Poee

The Portuguese-influenced Poi or Poee is one of the adored breads in Goa. It is a brown husky, round, chewy bread which has a crusty outer layer with a hollow cavity. Poi is made from whole wheat flour (aata), all-purpose flour (maida) and wheat bran with a fair amount of sugar. This leavened flatbread is a perfect option for mopping up spicy gravies and curry items.