5 Traditional Scottish Desserts We Have Our Eyes On.
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Scotland is a country in the United Kingdom that is famous for its whisky and its many kinds. Scotland's rich and beautiful landscapes are enough to steal our heart. Apart from that, its cuisine, which includes Scottish pies, puddings, and haggis, is well-known in the foodie world. 

Have you ever tried or eaten any of their delectable desserts? I agree that not many of us have had the opportunity to visit Scotland and have these exquisite treats, but we can always look for them in local cafes and restaurants... Alternatively, we may simply pack our belongings and jet off to Scotland. 

We've compiled a list of 5 Scottish sweets and desserts that you should try.


It's a Scottish take on the popular English dessert 'Eton Mess,' with a few changes here and there. It's a popular pudding-like dish made with whipped cream, honey, fresh raspberries, and soaked oats overnight. Not only that, but this dessert is made more unique by the fact that it is always topped off with a scotch whiskey! Is there anything else we could ask for?

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    Scottish Shortbread

Perfect for those who prefer a dessert that isn't too sweet or too creamy. There are only three ingredients in this silky shortbread: flour, butter, and sugar. This is a very simple dish, but it will definitely steal your heart. These shortbreads would be perfect with a cup of coffee in the evening.

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    Classic Dundee Cake

This list wouldn't be complete without adding the traditional Dundee cake. This dessert was thought to be a royal favourite. This, I believe, is enough to persuade us to taste this exquisite dessert as well. Apart from the standard cake ingredients, this cake has almonds, sultanas (a type of grape), currants, and fruit peels as well. 

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    Scottish Scones

This is also known as a classic. Made with butter, flour, sugar, and egg, as well as dried fruits on occasion. This is something we simply cannot overlook. Scones are also fairly prevalent in Scotland, thus they can be found practically anywhere. These scones pair up well with a cup of tea or coffee.

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    Scottish Tea Cookies

This delicious cookie, which is well-known throughout Scotland, is baked with an apple butter filling and is popular among locals. These cookies are known as the ideal pick-me-up for lazy afternoons and is also famous for being a perfect sweet little snack. 

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So, bookmark this list now and start planning your next vacation to Scotland, not only for the stunning views, but also to sample these delectable treats.