5 Traditional Desserts To Try When You Visit Assam
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

The sweets and desserts made in Assam are known for their distinct taste, choice of ingredients and unique methods of preparing. Thanks to the various indigenous groups of people living in the state, a variety of dishes, desserts and beverages galore. For instance, the rice-based pithas that are made during bihu are largely sweet treats. Assamese people eat rice as their staple food and it is also used to prepare a wide range of desserts. However, there are other sweets too that are worth a try. Here’s a list of some of the most popular Assamese dessert items (doubling as snacks too) that you must have on your next trip to the northeastern state.

1. Komolar Kheer

Payokh or rice pudding is a household favourite in Assam. It’s made for almost every occasion in the state. While there is another variety of pudding that is popular here - the Komolar Kheer (orange pudding). Assamese people consider this pudding as one of their favourite desserts. It is made using thick milk that has been heated to the perfect consistency. The milk is thickened with rich dry fruits like soaked almonds and cashews. The addition of cooled orange pulp before serving the dessert is what makes this pudding special.

 2. Tilor Laru

Best savoured during Magh Bihu - which falls around the same time in January when the rest of India celebrates as Makar Sankranti - tilor larus are little sweet balls consisting of melted jaggery and roasted sesame seeds. In the Assamese community, uruka is a great time for feasting. It is observed on the eve of Bhogali/Magh Bihu, one of the state’s most important festivals, where ‘bhog’ refers to a feast. It’s a harvest festival, which is held when the granaries are full at the end of the harvesting season. During this time, a variety of sweet and savoury dishes are prepared and relished.

 3. Narikolor Laru

Another Bhogali Bihu delicacy, this decadent laddoo combines two of the best things in life: coconut and sugar. And, without a doubt, owning one isn’t enough. The flavour of this laddoo is fantastic. It has a significant resemblance to coconut candy in terms of flavour.

 4. Ghila Pitha

Ghila Pithas are Assamese-style sweet rice fritters that are a must-have throughout Bihu season. Because of the shape in which it comes, it’s called ghila, which translates to knee cap in Assamese. These delectable deep-fried pithas are the perfect teatime snack. The sweet version is more popular, but the savoury version is also available. The fluffy, sweet fritters’ batter is made from bora saul, jaggery, and cardamom powder.

 5. Bokakhat Peda

The upper Assam nondescript town of Bokakhat is synonymous with the famous pedas that’s been traditionally made here. This exclusive dairy product is often picked by travellers in bulk on the way, while local people also savour it a lot. Although pedas are a common sweet in many parts of India, the Bokakhat pedas exude a different aroma and taste. Not much of it is documented, but the technique used in making these pedas is said to hold the secret to this distinct variety of peda.  

 Apart from these sweets, people in Assam really enjoy their tea, to an extent that they even eat their sweets with a cup of tea. It can be easily said that Assam is a land of sweets, the varieties that are found here are unmatched and it is highly suggested to try their amazing arsenal of sweets whenever you visit the state.