5 Tips To Reduce Excess Spice In Curries
Image Credit: Unsplash

Cooking is undoubtedly a talent that demands accuracy and ability, and there are times when you don't measure the ingredients correctly. Even while most of the time you can overlook small errors, there is one that sticks out: the excessive spice. Not every day is the same, and occasionally you may unintentionally over-spice your curry, which may be a frightening experience, particularly if you have company over. In addition to measuring the components incorrectly, the level of spice in the chillies or any other spice agent you use matters, so even if you measure everything correctly, this might still occur on any given day.

Incorporate Dairy

This is the most sensible and easy option. Dairy items like milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, or cheese can be used to reduce the spice level in most Indian meals. Depending on the kind of dish, you can use these alternatives. But most dishes would still work fine with butter added to tone down the heat. If the spice is extremely high, try yoghurt; it will add tanginess and lessen the heat. The dairy neutralizer also works well for most curries, gravies, stews, and soups. Dairy goods, such as milk, will alter in flavour and colour, though.

Dilute The Dish

This is the easiest for most recipes that call for rice, pasta, beans, or veggies. Simply add more of the same thing while adjusting the salt and other seasonings. And you have the dinner ready. For instance, if your spicy bean curry is too hot, you can cook more beans and combine them with it. However, it would need more adjustments in terms of flavour.

Sweeten The Dish Or Use An Acid

Adding a sweetener, such as honey, sugar, brown sugar, or maple syrup, might be the most delicious option in maximising sweet and sour sauces and gravies. Mix acids from fruit juices, vinegar, tamarind pulp, and lemon juice. This will lessen the spiciness and provide a twist to the flavour. Add one teaspoon of acid and one of sugar to start. Then adjust as needed. But be careful—some foods, like curries from India, are really good for how they are meant to be. Adding too much sugar might ruin the flavour. You can look for substitutes, such as lemon. Start with simply lemon juice and add a tiny bit of sugar if needed.

Use A Nut Paste

To further lighten the spice content of your curries, thoroughly mix in a nutty paste. This is a quick and tasty method. You have a lot of options to lessen the spiciness; tahini paste, almond paste, peanut paste, coconut paste, and cashew paste are all excellent choices.

Pair And Mix With Starchy Foods

Starchy foods are another type of food that aids in lowering the spiciness of meals. Foods that work well include rice, bread, and potatoes. All you have to do is add a tiny piece of bread or potatoes to your curries. This will lessen the curry's fiery taste to some amount.