5 Tips To Make Perfect Garlic Butter At Home
Image Credit: Butter | Image Credit: Freepik.com

If you are asked to name one butter with zero haters, it will be garlic butter. It is rich and buttery, bursting with the strong and pungent flavours of garlic. It is a versatile and flavourful condiment that can enhance the taste of any dish, from simple vegetables to gourmet seafood.   

Whether you’re slathering on your parathas or using it to flavour your bread, garlic butter instantly elevates the culinary experience. Although it is easily available in the stores, it is quick and easy to make at home. Besides, you can keep it in the refrigerator for days. Making garlic butter at home allows you to customise the flavour to your liking and ensures that you’re using the best quality ingredients.  

Whether you’re making garlic butter for the first time or just brushing up your skills, by following some simple tips, you can create rich and aromatic garlic butter at home. Take a look at some of the tips.  

  • Use High-Quality Ingredients  

The first and foremost tip is that you should investigate the high-quality ingredients. To make garlic butter, choose unsalted butter made from real creamy which provides a rich and creamy base for the garlic flavour to shine. Moreover, fresh garlic is essential for imparting maximum flavour. Avoid using pre0minced garlic or garlic powder which can lack the robustness of fresh garlic. Consider using fresh herbs like parsley to add extra freshness and complexity to the garlic butter.  

  • Properly Prepare The Garlic  

The ideal garlic butter is packed with flavour and to achieve it prepare the garlic cloves properly before adding them to the butter. Start by peeling the cloves and finely chopping them. If you want a milder flavour, you can roast the garlic cloves in the oven or saute them a bit in olive oil until golden brown. This process allows the garlic to mellow out the strong smell of the garlic and brings in natural sweetness, resulting in a more nuanced and balanced flavour.  

  • Infuse The Butter With Garlic Flavor  

This step is the key to achieving a delicious and aromatic garlic butter. Start the process by melting the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Be careful not to burn it. After the butter is melted, add the freshly minced garlic to the butter and cook gently for 1-2 minutes. Stir continuously until the garlic becomes fragrant. Do not burn the garlic, it can turn bitter and ruin the flavour of the butter. Allow the garlic butter to cool slightly before transferring it to the container.  

  • Add Seasonings And Herbs  

Although the key component here is garlic, you can always enhance the garlic butter by adding complementary seasonings and herbs. Incorporate a pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper to elevate the butter’s flavour. Include fresh herbs like parsley, chives, or thyme, adding brightness and depth to the garlic butter. Feel free to experiment with different combinations and seasonings and herbs to find a perfect balance of flavours that suits your preference.  

  • Store Properly For Future Use  

After you have made your homemade garlic butter, it is essential to store it properly to preserve its freshness and flavour for future use. Transfer the butter to an airtight container or wrap it with plastic wrap, making sure that it is completely sealed to prevent air and moisture from getting in. You can store the garlic butter in the fridge upto two weeks or in the freezer for a longer time. When you’re planning to use it, thaw the garlic butter in the refrigerator overnight or gently reheat it on the stovetop in the microwave until it melts.